What are the fake rocks all about?

I’ve seen and noticed these large fake rocks in front of fast food restaurants and certain businesses.
What are they hidin’?

Hey! I should start a rumor online.
“Yeah, people it’s the government, those rocks watch us. And Drones are watching, as well. Hide your children, the elderly and pets.
We’re doomed!!”

I’ll go viral, easy.

  1. Hiding utilities meters.
  2. Cheaper and easier to deal with than real rocks.
    2a Can’t be thrown through windows.

The rocks I know about are real, but they didn’t naturally occur where you see them. They were deposited there as part of the landscaping.

The most notable ones seem to have been placed to discourage cars from cutting a corner over grass.

Is this really about truly fake rocks, like hollow fiberglass or plastic shells? I’m aware they exist but AFAIK I’ve never seen one. Of course, a well-made fake rock would fool me at seeing distance, so maybe I have and didn’t know it.

I think some are hiding the building transformer.

Yes, they are fake. I’ve embarrassed the Li’l wrekker many times by going to pet a rock.

It’s where the manager hides an extra key for the front door.

They are often used to hide above ground utility devices, like gas meters, cable boxes, water anti-siphon valves, etc. It’s typically done for aesthetic purposes since a large rock makes the area look more natural even if it’s a fake rock.

That’s cool. What can the building turn into?

I live in flat under belly of Arkansas.
Up around Hot Springs it gets hilly and rocky.
Central Arkansas is in fact named after a Little Rock.

So naturally occurring giant rocks are hard to find down here.

The boulder, the better.

I live in a neighborhood where all the houses have private wells. Which means each house has a wellhead, which looks like a pipe sticking up about a foot or so above the ground.

Many of my neighbors have artificial rocks concealing their wellheads, to make their yards look a bit nicer. I’ve been tempted to get one myself.

You so funny.:hugs:

Please don’t because there are a legion of conspiracy theorists out there who will actually believe you! LOL

I’ll try it out on my Son-of-a-wrek first.
He’s a conspiracy theorist. And gullible as heck.
What could go wrong?

The big ones also have the added benefit of a surprise when you open them. Are you gonna get access to a meter or a hundreds of angry wasps?

Well, he could start destroying all the rocks in front of all the fast food restaurants he finds, at least until you decide to tell him you were kidding. :slight_smile:

I’m not encouraging him to “sniper” them. That could make for a very ugly outcome.

“No,officer I’m not meaning kill anyone, or scare them. I have my AR here because I’m conducting a vital study on fake rocks. Its all for Science”…“I swear, there’s no need for handcuffs”

Far worse: he could start refusing to go near them, even when Beck wants him to pick her up some munchies!

I’m in the foothills of the Appalachians and one or more (very roughly) roundish 4-ish foot boulders in spots near roads and at the edge of parking lots in front of businesses are pretty common. I don’t know if any of them are fake, I’ve always taken them for granite.