What are the good Oblivion mods?

I played Oblivion intensely when it came out, and then ended up burning myself out on it. Decided to give it some time, give the modding community some time to mature, and come back to it.

So, I’m back. I know morrowind is regarded as being an immensely better game because of the modding community, and there were probably a few essential mods that everyone had, but I’m not sure about that.

Is there anything that everyone has for oblivion? A comprehensive mod that really improves gameplay?

I’d mostly like to see something done with the way the game scales… the bandits in glass armor issue really irked me. Also, there were a few innovative mods that changed the levelling and stat attribute system, something like that would be interesting.

But I’m open to any mods anyone would like to suggest.

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three words Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul. It changes the leveling system of the creatures totally and makes it more like a traditional RPG creatures level with you to an extent but you won’t run across bandits in glass armor and you won’t be able to clean out a vampire nest at lvl 2. It also incorporates several other popular mods, changes spawn points and numbers, and adds a few new creatures. There’s going to be a massive update on it soon that even adds some new dungeons voice acted quests and a slew of new monsters. I actually played through Oblivion with it the first time and when I restarted and tried to play without it I couldn’t.