What are the kids on your holiday gift list getting this year?

I just finished shopping for my two nieces, ages 3.5 and 22 months. My sister told me that they wanted some toy kitchen utensils and play food, so that’s what I got for them. (I got them some toy pizzas, and that made me hungry, so I ended up having pizza for lunch) What are the kids on your gift list going to be getting this year?

Does anyone have recommendations of what to get for a 4-month old? Our newest nephew was born at the end of August. We don’t really know that much about babies and what they like when.

I have a 4-year-old girl to buy for and have no idea what to get her. Last year we got her a baby doll that came with a play pen, swing, and other accessories, which she loved. I’ll be scanning this thread for ideas.

For wee little babies, I like to go with a nice mobile. The great thing is that you can get 'em in various price ranges - and most babies love 'em.

My 4 year old God-daughter wanted ‘Girly pink things’ according to Mom so she has some dress up stuff and a sleeping beauty Disney Princess with Horse - mainly because I am determined to get the girl on horseback just like her Aunty ems has always had horses :smiley:

6 year old God-Son aka Big Brother asked Santa for a remote control car so he is getting a remote control all terrain Dune Buggy maily because he will love it and have loads of fun with it and it will annoy Daddy :smiley:

For 4 year olds I don’t know too well, I like dress-up toys. For example there was this pirate dress-up set I saw - comes with a pirate hat, a plastic sword and a hook.

In my experience, 4 years old is a great age for dress-up. I try to choose gifts that could be enjoyed equally well by boys and girls (unless I know what the kid in question likes).

I can see her digging the dress-up clothes. Play food is another good idea. When she and I are together (only a couple of times a year) at her grandparents’, that is often what she wants to play with.

I got my buddies 3 yo daughter a 7’ tall teddy bear. It’s fantastic and is going to fill his entire house so I get the double bonus of her loving it and him hating it. I’m not sure if I’m going to get the 9 month old anything.

Every time she see a commercial for it, The Littlest Briston goes utterly nuts about the Fisher-Price GeoTrax Transportation System Remote Control Timbertown Railway. I have a feeling Santa will be brining it for her.

I’m getting all of the kids (they’re my friends’ kids) savings bonds, every year. They will find me boring for a long while but when they go to college and need spending money, they’ll thank me!

I think for my 3-month-old niece, tho, I am getting a musicy thing to put in her crib.