What are the little stickers on electronic products for?

I can’t really explain these, so here’s a photo.

I had my cell phone camera with me and I was really bored…

Anti-theft devices.

Ah. Makes sense. I would just expect to see those on the outside of the product instead of all the way inside the packaging.
Thanks for answering! :slight_smile:

They’re inside the packaging so the would-be thief doesn’t (easily) rip them off to avoid the detectors at the door.

Ooh ok. That was more simple than I thought.-.-

How does the store put them inside the package? Isn’t the package sealed?

I’ve seen these, but I don’t ever remember seeing one inside the package, only outside.

How big is the retailer? Big retailers can make suppliers jump through hoops (for example, by requiring shipped product to contain anti-theft devices.)

It’s also possible a smaller retailer with a lot of time on their hands opened every package, added the anti-theft device, then re-shrinkwrapped it.

“Do Not Eat!”

The store doesn’t do it; the vendor does.

Then I guess it worked, didn’t it?

Having the manufacturer of the product include the anti-theft device in the product is called “source tagging”.