What are the odds? Someone already famous for other reasons lived to be 111!

NPR reported that he recently died but they had profiled him a few years earlier as the inventor of the Chinese pinyin alphabet, who subsequently became a well-known dissident.

Per Wikipedia, there are only about 100 verified cases of “supercentenarians” (people who live to 110 or longer). So I just found it pretty amazing that someone who was already so well known happens to be among them. Now, sure: he’s not a household name in this country. But check out these details from the NPR story:

The guy went into a forced labor camp in the '60s, when *he *was in his sixties, and he lived another half century! Amazing.

Guess he knew “how to live!”

But did his longevity have it’s own world?

Did’nt Giap live an awfully long time as well? Not 111, but in three figures?

Yup, 102. But Wikipedia says only 1 in 1,000 centenarians live to be supercentenarians, so there have probably been upwards of 50,000 people verified to make it to age 102.

Did he learn how to use apostrophes?

Doubt it. English was not his first language either. Some people are like that.