what are the shitting pig and "goofy guy" parodies of on "Drawn Together"?

I’m a pretty culturally literate guy, but the premiere episode of “Drawn Together” left me a bit befuddled. While the other characters are obvious archetypes (pikachu, the disney princess, the effeminate fantasy character), the shitting pig and “kooky yellow guy” didn’t seem to be as obvious to me. In the “confession” mode, the pig was subtitled as “internet download.” What? What am I missing?

My only guess is that the “goofy yellow guy” is meant to be a generic Spongebob-esque children’s cartoon star.

You’re right about the crazy yellow guy, I think the pig is meant to be a generic flash cartoon.

The pig is an internet cartoon. The goofy yellow guy is a childrens cartoon character. I’m not going to say whichbob cartoon pants I think he is referencing, but I’m sure you can figure it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yellow guy seems more Ren and Stimpy than Spongebob, but then I don’t watch Spongebob so have very little frame of reference.

I think the effeminate guy is supposed to be a takeoff on Link from “Ocarina of Time.” There was a scene where he plays a flute to be magically transported elsewhere, a dead giveaway. Doesn’t matter anyway, since the series sucks rocks and will die a well-deserved death after its inital run is over.

The pig is the only character that Adam Carolla could play without breaking into his (limited) reserve of talent. :smiley:

No! I think it’s GENIUS!

Well, funny, at least. I’m the kind of guy who loves South Park. :stuck_out_tongue:

The pig looks to me like an homage to/ripoff of the character “Dean” from the comic strip Liberty Meadows.

Of course, Dean is an homage to/ripoff of the character “Bluto” from the movie Animal House.