What are the sight requirements for a WI drivers license?

Or where can I find out?

More specifically, what is the requirement for field of vision? On the WI DMV site, they say that the requirement is 70 degrees.

Does that mean 70 degrees in each eye? At least 70 degrees in one eye?

If a person had 90 degrees from center in one eye and 30 degrees from center in the other, would they be able to get a WI drivers license?

Someone will cough up a cite, but I KNOW for a fact that you can get a license with only one good eye. I’m assuming the other eye has to be in tip-top shape though.

Yeah, but what about two marginal eyes.

I’ll find out for sure at the DMV on Wed, but the suspense is killing me. I was hoping there was some here who could kill the suspense for me.

Found it.

By the looks of it they’re saying that the 70 degree requirement is for two eyes. You can still get a license if you fall below that, but you’d be restricted.

I found that website while I was searching. It is kinda vague though. It says that the Federal standard is 70 degrees in each eye, but the WI standard is 70 in at least one eye

but I don’t understand the ‘grandfathered’ in part.

It sounds like a person with 90 degrees and 30 degrees should definitely be able to get a license, but I’m still not sure if it will be restricted.