What are the toughest MBA courses to study for?

I plan on starting an MBA program in the near future and I’m going to use the time I have now to study and prepare for the toughest courses I’m going to take. My goal is to graduate at the top of my class.

The typical MBA program consists of these courses:

Accounting Information Analysis
Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions
Business Policy & Strategy
International Business
Managerial Economics
Financial Management
Business Leadership
Marketing Administration

Which topics should I focus most of my efforts on now while I have ample time to prepare for them?

If possible, could someone list those courses from what is generally considered hardest to easiest?

It largely depends on your background. People who are coming in with highly developed quantitative skills tend to find the more technical courses easier, whereas they may struggle a bit with the courses that are oriented towards soft skills. People who are less quantitative may have the opposite experience.

Also, what do you hope to gain by graduating at the top of your class? Most employers won’t value that as much as you might hope, and if you forgo networking in favor of studying, you’re really not going to be getting as much out of the MBA as you would otherwise.

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