What are "The Vapors?"

It’s a major stereotype of antebellum southern women that when they get faint or weak, they claim to have “The Vapors.” What the hell are the vapors? Is it some kind of “Bad Air” belief like the eponymous Malaria? Or are they warning us that they ate at Taco Bell a half hour ago and WE should be wary of vapors?

from this site:

vapors Archaic.

  1. Exhalations within a bodily organ, especially the stomach, supposed to affect the mental or physical condition. Used with the.
  2. A nervous disorder such as depression or hysteria. Used with the.

I assume it’s fainting or swooning from lack of oxygen to the brain caused by a combination of restrictive apparel and stress-induced hypertension.

Note that vibrators were developed for use by physicians to treat a woman for “hysteria.” [Insert your own joke here] :wink:

I give you this link on The Vapors just for fun and because it’s a great way to waste some time.

That could explain why the ladies were so quick to catch “The Vapors.”

Patient: Doctor! Every time sneeze, I have an orgasm!

Doctor: Are you taking anything for it?

Patient: Yeah. Snuff.

They’re a bitchin’ 80’s kinda new-wave, kinda punk, kinda-rock band.

Turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so…

I think you mean hypotension. Stress induced hypertension would not cause you to faint until you reached the point of stroking out. :wink:

Vhot? Chou haff a problem mit zee medical manipyoolashun of zee clitoris und zee labia in order to induce a hysterical paroxysm? Perheps chou are unavare zat hysteria iz from zee Greek for vomb? Ve know zat zee female reproductiff zystem iz zee cause of hysteria. By properly manipyulating zee patient’s genitalia, ve induce a kind uff seizure vich releases zee stored up tensions und removes zee hysterical symptoms. Chou may laff. But, ve men uff zience call it “Handenbunging”.

… which was an orgasm reference I believe? Ties together the thread nicely.

I thought “Handenbunging” was the German zeppelin that exploded in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Talk about a case of the vapors! Oy!

Convenient excuse to avoid uncomfortable social situations?

What kind of Vapors? I’ve inhaled vapors of different kinds and some of them made me swoosy.