What are the vital statistics of Superman, Batman and other superheroes?

I’ve heard Supe’s size and power varied across time, but did any of the writers ever give actual measurements re: height, weight, chest or biceps size, etc?

Was Superman definitely larger than Batman? Did anyone ever state just how strong Batman really was? (For instance, how much could he bench, etc.?) Any word on how the Flash and Green Lantern stack up?

I’m guessing there weren’t a lot of ectomorphic superheroes.

According to JLA: Secret Files and Origins (Sept. 98), Clark Kent is 6’5" and 225 lbs. Batman is 6’2" and 210lbs.

The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe gives height and weight specifications in the biographies, but for some reason, the biography section seems to be down right now.

The original Who’s Who would give height and weight. I’m not sure if the later one did that.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia lists the major dimensions of pretty much every DC character of any import…

How about age? Is there any official position on how old Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are?

Concrete? No. Consensus is mid to late thirties, but occasionally something comes up which will nudge the figure one way or the other.

For instance, Elongated Man in Identity Crisis says, if memory serves, he’d been heroing for 20 years. But Batman should have been in the game at least as long as Ralph, because Batman was active by the time Barry Allen helped form the JLA, and I think Barry didn’t meet Ralph until after Barry was in the JLA, and Barry met Ralph at the beginning of Ralph’s career.

Since Batman did the world-travel thing until his early twenties, a twenty year career would push him into his early forties.

At 6’5" and given Superman’s uber-bodybuilder’s physique–not to mention his molecular density, courtesy of life on Krypton–one would expect him to weight more than 225 lbs. I was thinking something around 265-270 lbs.

I think that he generally compensates for his high density by a continual low-level application of his flight power. So if he stepped on a scale, it’d read lower than his actual mass times g. It’s even possible that he overcompensates to make himself a bit lighter than an Earth human of his displacement.

But if he is 6’5", then he’s an even better actor than he’s usually made out, to still be so unobtrusive as Clark Kent. Guys that tall generally stand out in a crowd, even without trying. I’d be surprised if he were much over six even, or less.

Hmmm…So how tall would that make Big Barda in Superman-Bataman #11? :dubious:

Well, he’s got those hypno-glasses, after all.

DC’s current Secret Files section online lists Clark at 6’ 3".