What are these numbers under the Oscar nominees?

This has nothing to do with the broadcast, by the way.

On http://oscar.go.com/nominees, they have numbers underneath the major nominees, that appear to be votes. But I can’t find any explanation for them.

So, are they votes? If so, from whom? Surely they wouldn’t publish the official academy votes before the winners are announced, but they appear to be too low for any kind of internet/fan-based vote (the most anyone got was 57K, and the least was just a few hundred).

And they are not increasing, at least over the last few minutes, so they don’t appear to be any real-time thing.

Anybody know?

ETA: Oops, they ARE increasing. But very slowly. Still seems like way too slow for the whole internet.

ETAA: yeah, I guess they are just for people voting on that one website. sorry. never mind.