What are those desk extender things that go in the corner called?

Okay, let me try to explain. At my previous job, we had these black plastic things that would lay over the corner of the desk, right in front of where you sat. This way, you weren’t forced to sit awkwardly in a 90 degree corner; it now became more of a triangle, allowing more room to place your mouse and keyboard. What’s that plastic thing called?

No ideas? Yeah, I know, my description sucked.

Do you mean one of these?

If so, “Keying Corner Unit” brings up a LOT of hits on Google Shopping.

Yes! That’s pretty much it (except the one I was thinking of was sans legs). Thanks so much for finding that; I would have never guess its name!

We used to call them “surfboards.”

I’ve always known them as “returns”. A left return or a right return, depending on which way your desk was facing.

Use as necessary.

Ha! Finally a question I know something about. What you are looking for is called a Corner Sleeve. Here is one by HON.


A Return is genarally the rectangular attachment you add to a desk to make it an “L” shape station. The Corner Sleeve I posted above would be used to make the inside corner a flat corner so you can sit against it with a keyboard.

Ha, glad I could help you by helping me =) Thanks for the name, I would have never guessed!