What are you doing for posterity?

**memnosyne’s **post in the thread about trashing wedding dresses made me think about other things of this sort that we do or might do.

Some years ago, I heard a story on NPR about a mom who wrote a letter to each of her kids on his/her birthday. She then presented to each kid at his/her 21st birthday the letters. IIRC, one of her sons died at about age 12, and those letters became the basis of a book.

When I heard that (and it had to have been 13 years ago), I decided I would do that for my son. And I have. In the early ears, I wrote them by hand. In the most recont years, I’ve composed them on the computer. When the letter is complete, I seal it in an envelope and write the year on it. I delete the computer file after I’ve printed it.

Is there something you’re doing for posterity, however you define it?

When my granddaughters were in the process of being born, I carried Grandparent’s Journals with me to the hospitals. I wrote down careful descriptions of the room, who was present, and what was said as the hours passed. Then when each of the babies were born, I wrote descriptions of what she looked like and what I felt for her.

I just gave the second journal to the eighteen year old as part of her graduation present just two weeks ago. In her thank you note she said that it was the only meaningful present that she got.

With the first child, I also managed to save a copy of that day’s newspaper.

I’m working on a quilt. It’s over 1000 pieces and only half done. The fabrics are all from clothes the family has worn (which reminds me, I must get one of Dad’s old shirts).

Four years have gone into it so far.

Mum and I sit with my daughter and remind each other about where each piece came from. The ladybird dress from one Aunty, Nan’s sarong that she wore on her trip to Noumea, etc, etc. It’s a family history.

It will be given to my daughter on her 21st.

Forgive the bump.

Mr. Rilch and I have an artificial Christmas tree. Every year when we put it away, we write a short note on the box stating who we had dinner with, and what was the highlight of the day, and like that. We recently had to retire the tree, but we flattened the box and saved it, and we’ll continue the tradition with the new tree box.

I sew a lot of quilts, and also dresses that I expect to be handed down. Not all of them, but some anyway.

Otherwise, educating them to the best of my ability --I’d consider that to be the most important thing.

That reminds me, I got a tree and some cheap decorations when my daughter was born. Each year we choose a new decoration, maybe a bought one, or something she’s made - occasionally both. Friends and family have joined in and it’s becoming a tradition that we all get each other something for the tree.

Thanks, I usually only think of that when we set up the tree.

I probably do nothing that is tangible. I do, however, do things with my children and hopefully someday they will tell their grandchildren about me.

I am living a life that can be used by others as a cautionary tale.