What are you eating for pancake day?

They don’t call it Fat Tuesday for nothing!

I made this recipe for blackberry pancake, because I had blackberries and buttermilk on hand. By the time I got myself in gear today it was a late lunch but these were worth it. They were so fluffy, I bet they puffed up about an inch high. I cut most of my blackberries in half because they were so big and I carefully added them to the batter last so they didn’t turn it all purple. They were not overly sweet but with syrup they were just right. Warning, these are not low in fat or calories.

The recipe says it makes a thin batter but this was not thin at all, I had to spread the batter out with a spoon. They weren’t pretty, they were all different shapes and sizes but they were delicious. I made a lot so I will freeze some and see how well they hold up. Fortunately, I may celebrate Shrove Tuesday but I don’t participate in Lent anymore so I can have my leftover pancakes tomorrow and whenever I decide to try my frozen ones.

So anyone else celebrating with pancakes or some other sort of fried dough treat today? Share your recipes!

We had plain pancakes with sugar and lemon juice in the office yesterday for Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day).

I made the traditional plain English pancakes (French style but a little thicker - as they’d say about our people too :D) with sugar and jif lemon, then made some with different toppings: honey and banana, whipped cream, maple syrup, jam.

For me it’s not pancake day unless you have those specific pancakes - add others if you want, but you have to start with plain English pancakes, lemon and sugar - and I know from previous conversations that I’m not alone in this.

Do Americans celebrate Pancake Day? I ask because almost all my British friends have posted about it on their Facebook, often with pictures and a few with puns about being tossers, but none of my American friends did.

When I was Catholic, I remember having pancake dinners the day before Ash Wednesday but they were just your (our) standard pancakes with syrup.

I think people who are aware of it will celebrate because, hey, it’s an excuse to eat pancakes! I know other cultures have some sort of pancake like treat they eat before Ash Wednesday and I was curious to see what people are eating.

This is the first year in a while that I won’t be having Russian blini (the student who hosted that party had the nerve to go and graduate!), but that wasn’t usually on the same date as Western Fat Tuesday, anyway. So I’m making my own. But the recipe I have is for waffles, and it’s a shame to have a waffle iron and never use it, and I figure, pancakes, waffles, close enough.

I swear to you I had no idea there was such a thing as pancake day but from this night on I shall celebrate.
Sadly tonight a frozen multigrain waffle will have to be my only offering.

Sugar and lemon juice? On hotscakes?

On pancakes.

I don’t know what ‘hotscakes’ are.

Some details for you: Shrove Tuesday

We made buckwheat blini on Sunday - they were yummy with raspberry jam or honey. It was a mini-Maslenitsa. No religious reason, I just had never made buckwheat blini before and wanted to test out the recipe. Next time, probably with sour cream and smoked salmon…jam is better for regular wheat flour blini.

Tonight, we await pizza delivery! (Hey, it’s flat and bready and not good for you - close enough!)

It’s what we call pancakes in Hootersville.

Buttermilk pancakes with really good sausage from some local porkery. I think the secret ingredient is MSG.

Plain pancakes and maple syrup. Carb heaven!

It was Paczki day for us. Didn’t manage to get any this year.
The prices were astronomical this year, too.

Since I was ninja’d by Fear Itself, I’ll just say I made regular pancakes and served them with butter and sugar-free maple syrup.

And honey, for people in the family without diabetes.