What are you emarrassed to *not* like?

We always do threads like “What songs are you embarrassed to like?” or “What movies would you never admit to liking?” But what about stuff that you cannot admit in public that you don’t like?

For instance, I don’t like Elmo from Sesame Street. There’s a lot of adults who don’t like Barney or the Teletubbies, but everyone I know just adores Elmo. But I don’t like him. I don’t know why I don’t. There’s no one reason, I guess. I just don’t see his appeal.

Also, I don’t like the movie “2001: A Space Odessey.” Yes, it’s a masterpiece. I understand that. But I couldn’t get involved in it, and I don’t understand it, and I didn’t like the ending. People act as though it’s a crime to not love this movie.

I’m sure there are more, but that’s what comes to mind right now.
It’s not even so much that I’m embarrassed to not like this stuff. But if I mention my true opinion to people, they act as though I had said that Lincoln was wrong for abolishing slavery.

About 2001… A lot of people I’ve talked to said that unless you’ve read the book it’s hard to understan.

I didn’t (and most likely won’t) like Survivor.

MTV just pisses me off.

Adam Sandler. HATE the boy. And Chris Farley. I don’t hate him but I’ve seen him on SNL and just can’t find him funny. I’m not embarassed, really, in most ways i’m glad. It just makes me feel I’m the only one who doesn’t get their appeal.

Rap. I’m not ashamed…its just that at my school, it feels like I’m the only one who detests it. (Though I’d be I’m sure i’d be part of a minority at this board if I did.)

I don’t really “get” Jimi Hendrix- I mean, the music is okay but I don’t feel enlightened upon listening. I know the dude is a real icon and all, but that’s just me.

Jeanie- I get what you mean when you say you’re not embarassed. Those things I mentioned, particularly the former two, I’m glad I don’t like. But I know people who would be screaming, “What is the MATTER with you?!” if I admitted it.

Ha! Just try admiting in public that you don’t like chocolate.

Seriously. Then they say “not even chocolate cake? ice cream? candy?” yep, that’s right.

Don’t like toast, either. Bread’s fine. toast nope.

milk. nope.

Colas (don’t care which one) don’t like any of 'em.

don’t care for football, either. Know, understand the rules of the game, just don’t care for it.

damned near unAmerican, that’s me.

i don’t like coffee. i’ve not met anyone else who doesn’t. and everythings just java this and latte that. no, i’ll have tea instead.


Ok, I guess



You should be PROUD, not embarrased that you don’t like football!

The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, etc. I’ve tried, and I just can’t make it through much Tolkien without falling asleep. Oh well.

My dislike of rap, on the other hand, I am proud of.

Hey I hate ice cream. I’m lactose intolerant. I think I used to like it- though really I think it was just that I felt pressured by society to like it. In reality, I never had anything more than vanilla, and I never really adored it. Now I’m starting to realize ice cream and I never had a relationship.

Football- Hate that one. Speaker, you don’t like it neither? I’m surprised! I thought all males loved it. (You go up in my esteem now.)

Zoggie: The Jimi Hendrix thing may have a lot to do with how old you are. If you were hearing him thirty years ago, when he was still alive, he’d be mind-blowing. But now, after so many guitar players have emulated him and his style, listening to the original stuff isn’t anything “new.” I had this reaction the first time I ever heard Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Mind you, I’d heard all the songs on it already, but I’d never heard the whole thing lip-to-label. I was pretty unimpressed. But by the time I heard it, which was in 1986, I’d already heard all the stuff that came after.

As for what I’m embarrased not to like, well, I don’t like rye bread. Most everyone else I know does. Do you know what kind of a weird look you get when you try to order a reuben on something other than rye? Just makes me want to say “yes, I pull the wings off of flies and shove firecrackers up cat’s butts too. Now just give me the sandwich on wheat, okay?”

I have tried, and failed miserably, to like:

Poetry. Ogden Nash; sure. Edward Lear? Gimme some more. Sylvia Plath? yawn

Tea. Not iced tea, not green tea, not oolong, darjeeling, Earl Grey, chamomile, not with honey OR sugar OR cream OR mint OR lemon…I just don’t like tea. I wish I did. It’s cheaper than coffee. :wink:

Reggae. Every friend I have thinks Reggae is IT. I just…can’t. It puts me to sleep.

D&D. I had wanted to learn to play since I was 13, I’m into Tolkein and all that happy-crappy, I finally got the opportunity to play when I met my now-husband, and…I can’t stand it. Maybe it’s just the groups I’ve tried, but I can’t stand it.

Peanut butter I can’t handle at all, it might have been that when I was young it stuck to the roof of my mouth. Mustard I can not add it to any of my sandwhiches but McDonalds hamburgers no problem.

Melted butter (like on hot rolls or mashed potatoes) grosses me out.

Also gravy = yuck

I am embarrased not to like Shakespeare. I hate it. Sorry. Also Charles Dickens and Catch 22. Just cant get into them :frowning:

Taxi Driver
American Beauty–I feel like the whole point of that movie was the divide the world into two groups. . . the smart people (the ones who “get” it) and the dumb (people who don’t like it). And because I don’t like it, everyone assumes that I didn’t get it, and I’m stupid.

Zoggie Thanks :slight_smile: It’s slightly more fun to play than too watch, but I’d never take it as a career or hobby. I like punching more (Tae Kwondo).

What’s to ‘get’ about American Beauty? Maybe I am stupid… I didn’t know what a philistine was until today.

So far, I can agree with a lot already said. Some things to mention, however.

Coffee: Hate the stuff.
Exotic Teas: Nope. Plain old Iced Tea, thanks. Sugar. Nothing else.
Tomato: I hate tomato. Ketchup, yes, Tomato, no.

2001: I like the ending. The movie was fine to watch. Once. I can skip it now.
Poetry: Anything written after EA Poe died is garbage.

Modern TV: Garbage. I hate sitcoms, Dramas, tv movies, ect.
Don’t ask me if I watch Survivor, the mole, or anything else, cause I didn’t.

I hate coffee and beer. In fact, I don’t like any grain-based beverage. Barley tisane is just pure evil. But not liking coffee in the Silicon Valley is like bring the kid who is always picked last in PE. There’s been meetings where I’ve accepted a cup and let it go cold.

Hate Rap. Hate Rye. Don’t know who Elmo is. Never saw Survivor or American Beauty. Maybe I’m just old.

Ohhhh…yeah! I’m with Saint Zero on that one! I HATE TV! Hate, loathe, despise, don’t watch it. I recently got one for the first time in four years, because some friends of mine were giving it away. Turned it on twice, both times when I was leaving the house to see if the dog likes it. She doesn’t either. It gets two channels and they’re both fuzzy. No loss. I plan on leaving it here or giving it to someone else when I move.

People CANNOT understand that I do not watch it. Even those that don’t immediately call me a freak never acclimate to the fact that I haven’t watched TV for years. It’s DRIVEL, people! COMPLETELY INANE!

/end rant. Apologies. :smiley:

Persephone- True. And sometimes it takes awhile to get into certain types of music. I know there are a lot of books/music that I wouldn’t have been into a couple of years ago that I like now.

I don’t get a lot of modern TV. Well I love “Friends” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and Matt Groening shows but I think those people on that MTV show Real World are obnoxious shmucks. Real people suck. That’s why we hire pretty people to act for us. :slight_smile: Old TV like Gilligan’s Island and the Monkees and Bewitched is cool though.

I don’t get sports period, Speaker. What can I say?

I’m with Nym and Saint Zero.

The only reason I have a TV is because it makes it so much easier to play the Playstation games if you have one.

Also for watching videos and DVDs, but for watching TV shows? Rarely. Although if I ever see I, Claudius coming back on PBS, I am so fucking there!

BTW - Am I the only one who doesn’t like Pearl Jam? I don’t know what it is, but I can’t stand them. Or Creed. Or Smashing Pumpkins.