What are you favorite threads started by drive-by posters never to return?

New threads get started every few minutes around here, a lot of them by new members, but every once in a while, someone will join and start a new thread that will generate a ton of response, only to never return and give us the update on what happened or answer all of the questions raised.

The one about the 14 year old kid that couldn’t go to sleep detailing all the troubles about his cheating father and partying sister comes to mind as a recent one.

But my all time favorite is the thread about the guy who found his brother-in-law’s diary in his wife’s underwear drawer. We’ll never know how that turned out.

So what are your favorite drive-by unresolved threads?

Hadn’t seen that one before, but it was worth reading, if only for this.

The first one I thought of was the Game Room thread from a few months ago where someone was looking for help solving a rebus that was on a banner hanging outside a bookstore. The OP popped in a few times after that but never really answered any questions or contributed anything substantial towards finding the solution and basically disappeared after about two weeks. The rebus remains unsolved.