What are your carpeting preferences?


No carpets, other than area/throw.
Living in hot, and humid and arid climates most of my life, the wood/tile/stone floors are much easier to clean and mold/dust/insects don’t have a chance to develop.

Hardwood floors please - no carpet.


Along with ceramic tile

I remember when “wall to wall” carpeting was considered a luxury! FCM, your “after” pics are amazing, it doesn’t look like the same house you have there!

I live in a cold climate in what used to be a dumpy little cottage that had carpeting over subfloor. You take up the carpeting you have to put another carpet down or install a solid surface then find pretty area rugs to go over it.

I did have one area where 4 different floor coverings met, all ugly and one was the kitchen carpert of a mysterious color. Now we have a mix of laminate here and there (not matching!!) and FLOR carpet tiles. Now we did use the Flor in the DR, then decided to take the same pattern up the stairs and to the second story mainfloor. I have to say it looks smashing, all matchy matchy. BUt it stops there, the bedrooms eventually will have new Flors, but in whatever pattern color the occupant decides.

Different kinds of carpet should be separated by non-carpet flooring.

But I hate the stuff. It feels nice underfoot, but ripping it out of our house while we were remodeling it put me off of it for life. We’re all wood and linoleum, now. And I’ve stopped taking Claritin.

Wood and tile. I hate carpet. When I buy a house, it will be banned from every room except maybe bedrooms.

For the most part our downstairs employs a number of hard surfaces; hardwood floors, marble, travertine and ceramic tile. We add softness, color and sound absorption with large, area rugs. The stairwells and entire upstairs however are carpeted wall to wall. This is important since the gameroom, media room, kid and guest bedrooms are all up there. It really helps quiet the ambient noise downstairs.

In our case all the carpet is identical. However, I’d have no problem whatsoever with adding variety to the color or texture.

Thanks. Gonna brag here - except for laying the carpet and installing the new windows and siding, we did all the work ourselves. All those years of watching HGTV, plus marrying a very handy man, really paid off! :smiley:

I remember when I was a kid (this was in the 60s) and how exciting it was when my folks could afford to cover those wood floors with wall to wall carpet!! I happen to prefer carpet to wood or tile because of the warmth and the sound deadening properties. Except in the kitchen and bathrooms - those should never be carpeted. The first house my husband and I bought was literally carpeted throughout - in RED!! I was so glad to remove that crap!

I can’t figure out why people would want to scuff their warm night slippered tootsie about a hard cold gritty surface all the way to the kitchen/bathroom etc. :smiley:

Seriously, I don’t get the carpet hatred. First of all, I hate the hard LOOK of wood flooring (and don’t get me started on "gee, let’s make our house as clinical and lifeless as possible by making our floors concrete or some other industrial covering) it’s hard and cold looking, never mind if you have to actually put a bare foot on it. Or heaven forbid SIT on it.

Second, unless you work very few hours, have no children, pets, or visitors and/or have a maid, there’s no way to keep hard floors grit free.

And you can HEeeeEEEaar every tiny little silty particle, even if there’s only one…



Funny, I find hard floors much easier to clean than carpeted ones, and they don’t trigger my allergies (unlike every damn carpet out there that’s been laid in place for three months or more); I also find them more comfortable to walk barefoot on. Wood isn’t cold at all: tile is, which is welcome in the summer, specially when it’s 40C+ outside.

Well, most rooms in my house have a large area rug that does combat the the clinical feel and add color and warmth to most rooms. Also, we have funiture, so sitting on the floor is not generally a problem. :wink:

I developed my hatred of carpet many years ago when pulling up the carpet in my front room and discovering all the gick underneath. I had originally planned to get new carpet, but seeing what had accumulated despite frequent vacuuming and shampooing, just squicked me out. Area rugs can be taken in for professional cleaning. With 3 dogs, 2 cats and a 12 yo boy, I can keep the flooring clean in ways that I could never keep the carpets.

So anyway, fwiw, that’s my deal with carpet.

An aside, but a local carpet firm here has been running ads-claiming that carpeted floors are healthier (they trap mold spores and dirt).
I s this true? I always theought that wall-wall carpeting was outgassing a dealy stew of bacteria, mold spores, etc.
Can carpeted floors actually clean your air?

I have a 3 year old, so I’m spending a lot more time than usual on the floors these days. So my aging bones are a big fan of well-padded carpet.

Downstairs, we’ve got the cheap pile carpet that the builders installed nearly 20 years ago, which has just about had it (and will be replaced as soon as the Firebug’s last ‘accident’ is several months in the past). Upstairs, we’ve got Berber, and I gotta say I really HATE that stuff. It shows every stain, and is hell to get stains out of. It’s gonna go before too long, too.

I am of the “no carpet, ever” persuasion. Hardwood or tile, none of that vinyl crap either. Carpet holds too much crap, even if you don’t gave to deal with pets any spillage or leakage of any liquid will start mold growing underneath.

When I was house-hunting I looked at a house that had a different color of carpet in every room, and they were all bright colors, like pink and purple, it was truly hideous. I’d had to have spent a lot of money on flooring before moving in if I bought that house.