What are your carpeting preferences?

Being an HGTV addict and a fan of House Hunters, I have lately seen a number of people commenting about how “weird” it looks when one color of carpet abuts another, for example, going from a hallway to a bedroom or if each bedroom has a different color or style.

I never considered this to be an issue. I also have no problem if colors abut without a door to shield the view, although I prefer a uniform look for my own home.

Am I alone in thinking that your entire house doesn’t need to be carpeted in the same stuff?

And yes, I know people like hardwood and ceramic and marble and who knows what else. If that’s your issue, start your own poll - I’m asking about carpeting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Abutting at a door is fine.
But I hate carpet. It sucks. It is the worst floor covering bar none.

It should match the drapes.

All adjacent carpeting should be the same - door or no.

It can be different so long as it goes together. You wouldn’t want purple and yellow or some other colors that clash. Different patterns and types of carpet can easily blend together as long as it’s done correctly

In my perfect world, unless we’re talking about lovely Navajo rugs on Saltillo tile or Orientals on hardwood (and I know we aren’t), carpet shouldn’t change color room to room. Maybe on different stories, but then stairs better blend, or be wood.

When we bought this house, the family room had yellow and orange shag, the living room, dining room and hallway had a hideous industrial-grade blue berber-like stuff, the master had gold hi-lo, the middle room had red hi-lo and the smallest room had grass green hi-lo. Plus there were a variety of carpets layered upon each other in the basement - I think when they replaced something upstairs, they just spread it out downstairs. Photos, for those so inclined…

Now we have a neutral two-tone cut pile in the family room, living room, dining room, and hallway, and all 3 bedrooms are a sculptured pewter. So there is a color and texture change at each doorway, but all 3 doors are at the end of the hall, so the change won’t offend the sensibilities of casual visitors. :smiley:

My daughter is looking for a house right now, and one place had an interesting bedroom carpet - it appeared that the previous owners had sprayed red paint or dye on all areas not covered by furniture, as evidenced by the off-white squares in the now-empty room. Real classy, that!

I am not a big fan of carpet in general although I can tolerate it if it is well done and matches the decor and lifestyle of the people that live and hang out there. There are two things with carpeting that I cannot tolerate even in someone else’s house either (not that I would say anything, I would just judge them for it).

  1. Carpet in the bathroom - I am not a germophobe but this is disgusting on all levels from the practical to the microbial. Capet does not belong in bathrooms at all.

  2. White or extremely light carpets - Every single person that I have ever known that has had white or very light fancy carpets in their house has been a general pain in the ass. You have to be when you purposely line your royal abode with something that can’t be maintained well without strict behavioral controls over everyone at all times. The decision making skills and priorities of these people are suspect at best. They can have whatever they want in their own house but don’t expect me to be impressed or want to spend any time there.


Are those magic mushrooms because that contact paper had me trippin’?

Well, the house was built, and decorated, in the 70s…

We only have carpet in the bedrooms, otherwise the house is all wood or tile floors. But those rooms have the same carpet, a very nice neutral, sort of modern short shag type thing. The carpet was just because our house is kept cold and couldn’t stand the thought of a cold floor in the bedroom, even with rugs it was too much. But yeah, more and more people I know are deciding to ditch carpet at least in their living rooms, and personally I think when done right it looks beautiful, almost universally better than carpet.

The ‘after’ pictures are a such a relief, but please tell me you left the big blue cupids in the bathroom! Some things just can’t be improved on.

I gave the blue cupids to my mom - she was thinking of painting them gold and making Christmas decorations from them. Then she came to her senses and gave them to Goodwill. I think the only thing we saved from the original house is the fireplace insert. Oh yeah, and we still have the ugly front door. It’s next on the list.


Carpet in bathroom and or kitchen. I rented an apartment that had carpeting in both, and one nasty cold Rochester winter the pipes froze in the apartment above me [nasty ass person moved out with a grudge, opened all the windows and turned the heat off] and water ended up all over my apartment from above. Nothing quite as nasty as water filtered through whatever is infesting the spaces between walls/floors mixed with the ingredients of cheap spray on nubbly wall/ceiling coating.

If I absolutely have to have carpet I prefer neutral medium dark carpeting colors, I prefer greytones, or a heather [grey with tiny specks of purple, green, pink and blue] though I have had some horrid carpeting in various apartments. I think the one I hated the most was a multitoned harvest gold/piss yellow/pale cream medium shag. I would prefer to have a neutral tile in bath and kitchen, and wood floors everywhere else so I can add small area rugs where I want them in the colors I want them.

I have Berber throughout. Although I shampoo and clean up after the dogs, some light staining often remains which blends right into the tweed.

This. And the carpeting should be as thick, soft, and deep as possible. I can’t figure out people who want to put their warm night tootsie upon a hard cold gritty surface in the morning.

I have slippers.

No carpeting. My preference in carpeting is “pull the carpet off and let’s use it to start a bonfire.” Rugs, yes; carpet, no.

And the only reason I didn’t post the above in size=7, centered, multiple times in different colors is that I don’t want to get a mod warning.

If I must deal with carpet, I don’t care what color it is, so long as it’s made of something which I can walk barefoot on :frowning: That is, no 6,6-nylon shag please. And no white 6,6-nylon shag in Miami for Og’s sake… Then again, my living room is painted strawberry red and my bedroom is done in tones of copper, so I don’t ever expect to see my home in House and Garden :smiley: