What are your favorite and least favorite Ocean Spray Cranberry juice blends?

What are your favorite and least favorite Ocean Spray Cranberry juice blends?

My favorite is Cran+Lemonade. Absolutely delicious.
2nd favorite is Cran+Grape
3rd Cran+Pineapple

My least favorite (so far) is Cran+Cherry. It left a sweet cloying aftertaste. I finished the Bottle and haven’t bought it again.

There’s still many flavors to try. I want to try Cran+Strawberry but haven’t found it in stock.

Best = Cran+Vodka

Worst = Cran+Benzene

Man, that is a VERY specific question.

Do you work for the cranberry lobby?

Cran-Raspberry. Pour out a cup from the bottle. Add 1/2 cup sugar and a decent ale yeast. Fit the bottle with an airlock and let ferment for a couple of days. Move to fridge when it gets as dry as you would like. Great summer quaffer.

I have a bottle of Knudsen’s pure (i.e. unsweetened) cranberry juice. holy crap I thought lemons were sour.

Does it have to be a blend? I love White Cranberry.

No. The Cranberry juice blends are just popular. There’s at least 7 choices.

There are generic store brands of Cranberry juice. I can’t recall seeing any generic cranberry+ juice blends.

I used to drink Cranberry juice and ginger ale because it was supposed to prevent UTI’s.

I switched to the juice blends when they came out.

Cran+Lemonade is my favorite beverage. I can go through a bottle in a day.

Cran-Lime. I haven’t been able to buy it lately though.

I like them all, except Cran+Apple and Cran+Cherry.

My favorite is Cran+Lemonade. If I want something sweeter, I’ll go with Cran+Mango or Cran+Grape.

Plain old cranberry juice cocktail for me. I can have in the mornings. Some days.

Cran-Blueberry. I was really excited to see it here and bought a bottle without checking the ingredients.

It had no sugar added. Which means some sort of artificial sweetener that I can taste. Blech.

Looking at the flavors, I wish I had seen the Cran-Blackberry and tried it. Looks yummy.

Ruby red grapefuit is always a favorite, but no cranbery, so it doesn’t fit the question.

Yes, I’m waiting for them to come out with Cran+Ruby Red.

Cran-Blackberry is very good, though I would like it even better without the cranberries.

White Cran-Peach is also good.

Cran-Raspberry is only for times when the store is out of the other two. I like it, but it’s rather too sweet and heavy.
I’ve also become fond of Wonder Berry (“Original Russian”) Cranberry, Blueberry and Blackberry. A fine juice blend, though perhaps not easy to find.


I looked at the link and I think I’ve tried them all except the ones with mango and strawberry. I have loved them all. I miss Ruby Red, I can’t have grapefruit anymore because of medication. And I usually stick with the diet versions these days, because fat. But the top favorites…White Cranberry Peach, Cranberry Tangerine, and Cranberry Cherry.