Favorite fruit soda

Just like the title says. I see orange soda more often than any other flavor (not counting lemon-lime types like Sprite), and was wondering if that’s really the preferred flavor?

Myself, I prefer strawberry. I like orange alright, but it happens to be my least favorite.

Fruit punch for me.

Cranberry ginger ale is probably my favourite. Raspberry ginger ale is pretty tasty as well.

Of the ones mentioned, I’d go orange. But my favorite is this white grape soda.

Grapefruit is where it’s at. Give me an ice cold Fresca please. :slight_smile:

Inka Cola. I think it’s trying to be vaguely banana-like.

Black cherry

None of the really sweet ones. No ‘grape drank’ for me please. A lighter lemon or limeade is always good. There are some foreign orange sodas like Orangina that are OK too but no mass market American ones appeal to me. I like most fruit drinks as long as they aren’t too processed and sweet and there are plenty of good ones out there if you look at the foreign brands in specialty stores.

I’ve never seen strawberry, grape or pineapple.

I prefer lemon.

There used to be a soda called ‘Apple Slice’. Slice had a ton of different flavors and that was my FAVORITE. The flavor really tasted like biting into a really good apple.

Does anyone make coconut? Or pineapple-Coconut?

Most soft drinks are too sweet for me; I cut my occasional Dr Pepper or Coke with lemon juice. I even carry around a packet of lemonade mix in my backpack for that purpose. I was keen on Orangina and San Pellegrino’s Limonata for a while, but even they now seem too sweet.

In Australia 20 years ago I became quite fond of a light lemon soft drink that I remember being advertised as being “for grownups” (Solo, maybe?) And in Japan I found CC Lemon to my liking.

Goya makes a Coconut soda that’s really good.

Probably. I think Solo is the best of the lemon soft drinks.

Of these 4, my interest descends in the order you put them in. Orange is sometimes good. Grape often tastes cloying or very artificial, but for some reason I like it. Strawberry is okay. Pineapple is gross but tolerable.

Grapefruit is the best one. And mixes with alcohol the best. With gin (or vodka, heretics!) it is a “Ghetto Greyhound.”

Grapefruit is my favorite of all soda flavors. Agreed, it does mix well with alcohol.

Grapefruit. Squirt is the only soda pop to speak of.

I like to mix Fresca with Sprite for a mixed citrus flavor.

Side note: If you mix Fresca with root beer, it smells and tastes quite a bit like bubble gum.

Moving over to CS.

One of the great pleasures of living in Mexico was enjoying apple soda. Several popular brands – Sidral is just apple soda, but Mirinda and Cristal also have apple among their flavors. Odd it never became a popular flavor in the US. (Cristal also makes delicious strawberry soda, and barley soda, and a flavor they just call “black” which isn’t cola).

In the Caribbean they make a nice grapefruit soda called Ting.