Carbonated Rainbow

I am looking for the best grape, orange and strawberry sodas out there, folks. So far, Sunkist looks good for orange, but there are limited strawberry selections out there, and all grape sodas so far have been absolute crap. Help me!

Try Club Orange for orange flavour if you can find it where you live.

I used to be partial to Shloer for a grape flavoured soda.

Have you tried any of the Mexican sodas? They have them at my favorite restaurant, and I’ve bought some for the kids at the grocery. I wouldn’t rely on them to discern what is “good” though.

For strawberry does cream soda qualify? A lot of people… some people… okay, I knew this guy that liked Big Red.

You do know that “red” doesn’t automatically mean “strawberry” in the soda world, right? Big Red is a mixture of orange, lemon, vanilla and toxic levels of red dye.

Not even close. AFAIK, cream soda is vanilla.

Looking at BevMo, their most-popular strawberry soda appears to be from someone called Filberts. Next up is the old stalwart, Crush.

Has anyone tried grape Nehi lately?

Damn, beat me to it! Mexican soda FTW, they also have weird flavors like apple, sangria, and guava.

Not since MASH went off the air.

This was awesome!

Check around the rest of the site, too. Esp the Something Different link

Maybe? Haven’t tried one …
Crush flavours on second row I can tell you these all taste great.

I loves me some different flavour sodies, uh huh

Thanx for the linkypoos, dudes and dudettes, But I coulda done that myself. I’m looking for personal opinions here-tell me about the brands that screamed in your face,“This is what you’re looking for!”

I’m a big fan of Fanta Orange. They have other good fruit flavored drinks too.

Missed in my links: I like the Crush flavours. Orange, grape, and strawberry. Yum!
Nesbit sodies are good, too. Haven’t tried their orange.

I thought this was going to be a thread about multi-colored rifles.

I love Crush. And you can usually get it in glass bottles at Wal-Mart.

Cherry 7-up is good for the red, better than any strawberry soda I can recall trying.

Flathead Lake Monster sodas are yummy…

And colorful. :smiley:

I practically lived on strawberry Crush when I was pregnant…good stuff! Welch’s makes a good strawberry soda as well. For grape there is Welch’s too or Crush, house brands and Shasta (Shasta might make a strawberry too, I don’t know).

If money is not an issue (because it is pricier) and if it is available in your area you might try Jones sodas too. Lots of flavors and all that I have tasted have been very good.

ETA: If you need a yellow for your carbonated rainbow, I’d recommend pineapple Crush!