What are your favorite seasonal dishes?

It’s March and we all know what that means–McDonalds has brought back the Shamrock shake! Yes I know it’s just the regular vanilla milkshake with some green food coloring. But there’s something about that mint flavoring that makes a usually mediocre product tastes great. Plus since we’re in the middle of Lent a lot more places offer fish sandwiches that usual. The best of them must be the Jack in the Box fish fillet. What other seasonal dishes are so good that you look forward to that part of the year?

I don’t know if you mean this time of year specifically, but my favorite seasonal food is Colcannon. Being Irish American, we eat it mainly in the fall around Halloween (Samhain). Those lovely mashed potatoes and butter usher in the wintertime, bringing out the blankets and sweaters, and nights of cozy reading by the fire. I’ve eaten it out of season, and it just doesn’t taste as good any other time of the year.

I can certainly get behind the shamrock shakes. It’s like a disposable cup full of cold, thick nostalgia.

But the absolute top of my list would have to be my gramma’s dandelion salad. I’ve had it every Easter of my life, and now that I live too far away to go to Gramma’s for Easter, I’ve learned to make it myself. But you have to harvest the greens in the early spring, before the blossoms appear, or they turn bitter. And besides, it’s too much work to clean them to do it more than once a year.

Good, home grown, ripe tomatoes. Sliced, with a little salt. I’ve been craving a good tomato for months now.

Oh, god, I’m ready for a tomato sandwich.

Pumpkin Pie during Thanksgiving. I am aware I could have it anytime,as long as I made it myself(kind of hard to find premade pumpkin pies except during the holidays) I adore Pumpkin Pie…
Spanish Mackerel run in the wintertime down here in Florida and it is one of he best tasting fish I have ever had. I am not sure if you can get it outside the winter monthes,as I have never seen it at any of the seafood markets in town.

I am looking forward to a green beer and a monstrously HUGE corned-beef on rye deli sandwich, with a monstrously huge garlic dill pickle to go with it, on St. Patrick’s day. Maybe some homemade potato salad on the side. I will consume as much as possible, watching ‘The Quiet Man’ with John Wayne, and probably fall asleep about the time the broken-bed scene comes around…

Mom’s home-made chocolate cake, for Easter, baked in a bundt pan, drizzled with powdered sugar, cocoa, and a touch of Kahlua. This is to provide a mooring for the little foil wrapped chocolate bunnies as they parade around the edge. Perfect with coffee later in the day, after the Easter Sunday brunch.

Fresh sweet corn.

Yup. Grilled and buttered. Maybe some salt and pepper. Around here its the food that says summer.

Hiyashi Chuka (Japanese cold noodles) is one of the the reasons I look forward to summer each spring.

I’ve never heard of dandelion salad, but it sounds exciting! Would you be willing to post your recipe?

Mine is pretty standard-issue. I wait all year for egg nog around Christmas time and those lemon cookies at Paradise Bakery in spring.


1 grocery bag dandelion greens
4 hardboiled eggs
1 1/2 potatoes
1 onion
1 lb bacon (not low-fat)
4 oz apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup sugar

Clean the greens thoroughly (this is by far the part that takes the longest; I often buy the greens from the store just to save on cleaning time)
Boil and dice the potatoes, dice the onion and eggs, and mix them with the greens
Start making the dressing about a half-hour before it’s time to serve. Chop and fry the bacon, then when it’s done, add the vinegar and sugar. Pour the dressing over the salad while still hot, and stir thoroughly.

I enjoy a whole roast turkey about exactly once a year: Thanksgiving. But at Thanksgiving, it’s about the best thing I could eat.

I will second tomato season, along with fresh basil season (starting around the middle of summer.)

And I love stews of all kinds, but they’re usually too heavy for me to really enjoy during the spring and summer, so I love it when the fall comes and I can cook more and more of the stick-to-the-ribs goodies.