What are your favorite threads to read on the Dope?

The crazies. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good crazy, like Wozzername with the* Cattle Mutes*, and Whozits with the Blue Blood is Black Blood. Good times.

Oh yeah, cattle mutes. I also liked guy who took a long plane ride and then slept for longer than usual in a hotel room, woke up to find no robbery, and assumed someone took the trouble to put sleeping gas in his room.

What was Blue Blood is Black Blood? Sounds intriguing.

Evidently I hate myself and want myself to be miserable, because there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good juicy relationship thread where you KNOW the OP isn’t going to take any of the good advice and it’s going to be a multiple fatality train wreck. It just better not be the kind where the OP never comes back because then I get vicarious blue balls, which sucks.

Oh, and Pit threads that don’t go the way their composers planned. Mmm, tasty.

And Crazy of the Week - we haven’t had a good one in a long time. I miss that great thread about THE MENU IS GOD.

Some guy who was convinced that he has stumbled upon the fact that European monarchy were descended from blacks, complete with reference to paintings that in absolutely no way confirmed his wild and wacky theory.

ETA: Intended to answer Freudian Slit.

Oh, I remember that one now. He was bizarre.

[thread=544874]Here’s the thread.[/thread]

Actually, threads about race that are super wacky are always entertaining. I miss VCO3.

I miss VC03, too - nobody worked up a head of righteous indignation like he did - I get tired even thinking about trying to get that worked up.

I too like the relationship advice threads - the best ones are the ones where the people COME BACK.
“Vicarious blue balls” - heh. And who doesn’t enjoy a good trainwreck?

Ah, yes, the trainwrecks are pretty awesome. Especially when the OP is oblivious. When it’s a fairly mundane activity, it’s even better.

Threads about current events, in any forum. Yes, that’s a lot of threads but it also lives out a lot too.

Trainwrecks and threads that turn out half serious/half jokefests and puns. Or all jokefests and puns.

I also love the crazy.

And for reason threads specifically about cute dogs.

UNLESS they’re threads about dead cute dogs. I’m very wary about what I click on, but I feel bad about it because people were so sweet when my dog died. I just can’t deal with it, though.

Threads that tell me about things that I later drop into conversations that make my co-workers ask “where the fuck are you finding this shit?” (That chimp fucking a toad video, for example.)

Also, anything that gives me ammo when my family preach the Gospel According to Fox.

I love:

TMI stories

Sex stories gone wrong

Bad dates from hell

and best of all TMI pimple stories

The ones were persons ask about “what is your favorite … [something]”. I read the OP to try and figure out what the writer is going to do with the information obtained in the replies. I don’t recall ever learning why anyone ever inquired about a “favorite” anything.

We’re talking about how we could have easily won WW1 here.

The ones that are closed or someone got the flick from the Mods.

They are a “must open”.

I’m a lawyer and my guilty enjoyment is Stoid threads (I know… the shame)

For me, it goes in cycles. Sometimes, I spend hours in GQ, or CS, or IMHO, or MPSIS.

I guess it’s really topic dependent. Usually I open the ones where I have something to add. As far as just reading goes, I rarely open a thread to submit nothing.

Any thread that my brother posts in. It’s like getting a letter from home. An odd misdirected and random letter, but a letter nonetheless.

My favorite are the GQ ones where I know the answer, and actually get there before someone else has given it.

I also used to love Mafia threads, until I started dreaming about them. Bleccch.