What are your first ten bookmarks?

Maybe we’ll find some interesting sites to share amongst ourselves.

My top 10 (in order of being bookmarked, not in order of preference):

**Straight Dope Message Board


LifeClever- Tips for Design and Life

The Epicenter Exotic Herbs and Spices

Secular Coalition for America

Gnoosic- new music

xkcd- a webcomic

Science of Cooking

Mentat Wiki

Joytube.com Twenty Numbers (game)**

Mine are mostly foldered, so I’ll go down the folder titles, then the first 10 bookmarks in order:

First 10 Folders:

Message Boards
Weight Watchers

First 10 bookmarks:

Talking Points Memo
Think Progress
Daily Kos
Crooks & Liars
Straight Dope Message Board
Snopes Message Board
The Fabulous Forums of Fathom
Bad Astronomy Bulletin Board
Etiquette Hell

Ah, folders… I should look into that.

My God…if I didn’t have folders, I’d NEVER be able to find anything without scrolling for days. I have to have at least a couple of hundred bookmarks…

As with others, I have folders, but I use Firefox and have that row of…ummm…“quick bookmars”(?) underneath the address bar, so I’ll list the first ten of those:

Penny Arcade
The Straightdope
Something Awful
Pandora (never use that one…probably should change it to something else)
[a bit torrent site who’s name I won’t name]
My school webmail site (I have sense started to use Outlook for that, so I should remove that one too)
Hack A Day

My top 10 are:

-American Quarter Horse Association
-Straight Dope Message Board
-Echoing The Sound (NiN message board)
-The Spiral (NiN message board)
-Poor Posting Me (Metallica Fan Club message board)
-Def Leppard official site

sffworld (SF & fantasy message board)
The Unaboard
The Dope
Shocklines (horror-related message board)
Local TV station/weather --kcci.com if anyone’s interested in central Iowa happenings
Local newspaper (I check the obits every day_
The House Next Door – Matt Zoeller Seitz’s blog, for his take on the HBO shows
My little book message board

My home page: BBC News

The SDMB of course
Internet Movie Database
Google Maps
Library Thing
Arts & Letter Daily
Viral Videos

My newly created iGoogle page is at least 20 pages in one as far as pertinent info goes (I can check all three of my webmail accounts on just one tab), but my top 10 in order of appearance (minus those covered by iGoogle) are:


www.ebaumsworld.com (seems redundant given the first two, especially because the first two seem to get the content first)
www.drudgereport.com (cnn.com is on my iGoogle)
www.rotten.com/news/ (great site for international news that leans towards the, um, odd and disgusting)
http://us.imdb.com/ (best movie info site ever)
http://www.lifehacker.com/ (GREAT site for computer info as well as general life tips)
http://www.dumblittleman.com/ (Awesome site for life tips as well as computer tips)

I guess that’s my top ten as far as my bookmarks go, they are kind of organized by frequency of usage, but RSS feeds, and my mood dictate which sites are my actual top ten at the moment. If I’m feeling flighty, I have numerous tabs open and just CTRL-Tab through all the sites I feel like checking repeatedly.
I feel that I need to mention www.gasbuddy.com because it has sites that service many communities/cities/etc. I implore all of you to use such sites as it is our only means of uniting and supporting stations that try to supply the best fuel prices.

I suppose I should add the iGoogle sites that I get feeds from to complete this list, perhaps in a few minutes.

I’m foldered, too - I’ll go with jayjay’s method:

Food/Cooking: Chowhound I’m Queen Bruin here, there, and everywhere.
Funny Shit (yes I have a folder for this): 2001: A BOFH Odyssey
Gaming: Morrowind Quest Factions
Stuff to Buy (biggest folder - my big wish list): Jamie Cassavoy. I really love her work.
References: Domesday Book
Classics Stuff: Platner and Ashby’s Topographical Dictionary of Rome on Perseus.
Interesting Miscellany: Spy Numbers
Motorcycling: California Motorcycle Roads & Tours

Unfoldered: A recent CNN link to an issue around my home and the California Women’s Law Center.

I need more folders. I have a bunch of junk on my firefox toolbar (SDMB is one of course) but I doubt anyone’s interested in MyUCLA or the other web portals I use for school, which is the bulk of it.

This is brilliant. I know what I’m doing this week.

My kid’s school site
Early Christian Writings
Early Jewish Writings
Internet Infidels
Christian Origins
Blue Letter Bible


thefreedictionary.com (word of the day)
news.google.com (top stories)

Tools for:

Translation (Babelfish)
Reference (Wikipedia)
Mapping (Google Maps)
Spellcheck (openinventions.com, although Firefox does it for me automatically)
Daily Feeds for:

NPR: All Things Considered
NPR: News

Plus, several gadgets that give me lame local info, and other menial stuff.

www.netvibes.com is cooler, but I’ve yet to delve into that.

These are the items I have active on my iGoogle page, I should have said that first.

Mine are almost all in folders as well, the five folders I have followed by the next five bookmarks:

Marx (a bunch of essays written by Karl Marx)
Art (Some of my favorite artists’ sites)
Articles (blogs and what not)

Online Etymology Dictionary
Thomas Jefferson, on Aristocracy - letter to John Adams
Foreign Affairs - How to Win in Iraq - Andrew F. Krepinevich, Jr.

Drudge Report
CBC Newsworld


Mine are in folders, which are in alphabetical order, as are the items in each folder. No, I do not have OCD! :smiley:

A javascript word counter (I was using it for Script Frenzy before they put their word count verifier online.)
Lililicious (a manga scanlation group, devoted to yuri manga)
My Last.fm dashboard
Live Journal
A small message board I’m on
Script Frenzy
The Powepuff Girl Z message board I read

I have folders then some random site I haven’t filed.

First 10 Folders:

  1. Anime
  2. Authors&Books
  3. Comedy
  4. Enterainment
  5. Games
  6. Journals
  7. Links
  8. Stores

First 10 Bookmarks

  1. Createblog.com
  2. Minneapolis.edu
  3. Myspace.com
  4. Paperbackswap.com
  5. WebMD.com
  6. Facebook.com
  7. Askmen.com
  8. Straightdope.com
  9. Beautifulagony.com
  10. Consumating.com

Hmmm…a lot of my bookmarks are sites that have already been mentioned, including the SDMB, so I’ll go for 10 that haven’t been listed yet (I don’t think…):

  1. My home page is my own protopage. Lets me keep my bookmarks where I can get to them from anywhere. Thanks to the Doper who shared this in a previous thread.

  2. Link to one of our local public radio stations, WCBE. I use it to get to NPR, PRI, BBC and Amazon. They stream their programming, so I can listen if I’m far away, too.

  3. Bloom County

  4. Sacred Space - meditation site created by Irish Jesuits.

  5. Original Signal gets you to a lot of news aggregators and other interesting sites (Newsvine, Digg, metafilter, 43 folders, Techcrunch, Lifehacker, etc). Here’s their front page, which isn’t where I start.

  6. Simply recipes One of several food blogs I periodically browse through…

  7. Journalism.org (the Project for Excellence in Journalism)

  8. ABYZ news links to everywhere…

  9. Bubbleshare photo sharing site

  10. 30 boxes on-line calendar app


Mine are listed in a thread I started several months ago called By their links shall ye know them.