What are your New Year Resolutions?

I have always tried to make positive changes in my life, but like most people have been more successful at some things than others. I have recently been reading a lot of encouraging books, I’m not the biggest Tim Ferriss fan but his “Tools For Titans” has a lot of good advice.

I try to make healthy food choices and am a good cook, but I eat too much restaurant and fast food since it is tasty and convenient. I resolve to do more batch cooking, eat more fish and less sugar, eat a vegetarian dinner at least once per week, and eat an average of five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

I try to stay in shape and enjoy the gym. I’m strong but don’t have the flexibility or endurance that I used to. I think I can improve my performance, though, and resolve to jog an average of at least 1km per day (setting a low limit is apparently more effective than the higher limit I hope to do). I will continue at least one aerobic exercise class per week and at least one strength class.

I try not to speak badly of other people. I will continue this, but will do a better job of politely standing up for myself when needed.

I will focus on the future and not the past. I need to play to my strengths while improving my weak spots.

I will be more social. I spend too much time watching screens or reading books. Although reading is a great pleasure, and much of it is useful, I will aim to get out twice a week strictly to meet new people.

I will work smarter. I have often struggled to balance work and leisure time, due to pressures to work too much. I will enforce more sensible limits, as many well-intentioned colleagues have suggested.

I work hard but procrastinate. I will start each morning by making my bed, briefly meditating, consider three tasks to accomplish that day, consider three things that I will accomplish that day, do at least ten push-ups, say some affirmations and things I am grateful for. I will end each day reflecting on three things that went well and what improvements I could have made.

It’s a lot, but some of it are good habits I have lost. I am motivated to make positive changes and think these are realistic and beneficial enough to stick. Wish me luck.

Enough about me. Do you make resolutions? Do they work? What changes will you make this year?

I will resolve to not make any resolutions! :slight_smile:

The same as every year, Paprika; try to take over the world.