What are your thoughts on this Discworld ranking list?

It’s laughable to call a personal list ‘definitive’.

Personally I’m a fan of Commander Vimes so disagree with most of the rankings.

It sort of started out okay but then seeing Thief of Time and such buried in the 20s I knew this was off the rails.

Very odd list. Usually someone is a fan, for example, of the witches so those rank high. But this person has them fairly spread out. Still way too high, of course. They belong near the bottom with the wizard ones.

There is no rational for this list based on any criteria I can think of.

Plus some books are noted as not ranked at all. “Definitive”. Yeah, right.

Night Watch is one of my favorite novels, period. Sam Vimes is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. I reread the Vimes arc on a very regular basis.

Also, I quite enjoy Monstrous Regiment. I need to give Making Money another read, though. I loved Going Postal, but MM fell a bit flat for me.

ETA: And ranking the witches near the bottom, ftg? Granny Weatherwax is probably also in my top 5 literary characters! Just no accounting for taste…

Brutha is a great, great character. Loved him.

The writer of that list needs to be strapped to a big, bronze tortoise, with a big fire underneath … :mad:

I think Night Watch is the best Vimes novel, Thief of Time is fantastic, and Small Gods is fair to middling.

Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery and Eric are low on my list.

Unseen Academicals is good (Romeo and Juliette as played by Posh and Becks). Monstrous Regiment isn’t.

However, there isn’t a book in my collection (which is complete, I think) that I won’t pick up and re-read.

DrDeth, there are five Tiffany Aching books, not four. The posthumously-published The Shepherd’s Crown was also about her. I think it was probably weaker than the other Aching books, but not as bad as some, and it contains a major plot point that just had to be included.


Yes, you are correct. Weaker in some respects, yes, but some great moments.

I don’t know how I’d rank them, but I know it would be nothing like that list.

I think the first few and the last few TEND to be the weakest, along with stand-alones. Not always, but TEND to. So my list would probably be mostly middle books at the top.

I would have put Night Watch, Jingo and Lords and Ladies much higher

The only really good thing about Moving Pictures was the introduction of Gaspode.

I have no love for Vimes and I actually like Rincewind’s books, so my opinion is not a very common one*, but I am quite surprised how high Pyramids is and how low Night Watch is. That runs counter to almost all Discworld lists I’ve ever seen.

*My top five are Maskerade, The Truth, Men At Arms, The Last Continent, and Reaper Man. Ask me next week and the list will change again.

It also added a lot more to the characterisation of Detritus.

Moving Pictures introduced Detritus, so in that sense, it added a lot to him indeed. But he became a lot more fleshed out (er, mineraled out?) as a member of the Watch. You don’t really see the real Detritus until he introduces his One Step Plan.

Slab: Jus’ say ‘AarrghaarrghpleeassennononoUGH’.

That and his crossbow.

No, he appears first in Guards! Guards!, *MP *is the first book that actually shows there’s more potential to him than just being a splatter.

Yeah, I love the Watch. Night Watch would be number one on my list, followed shortly by Feet of Clay, which I really dig for some reason, and Men at Arms. I even liked The Fifth Elephant, which never seems to get much respect.

I haven’t yet found a Terry Pratchett novel or story that wasn’t well worth the time I spent reading it.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this chart of the suggested order, and interconnections of the various Discworld novels before, but just in case, here it is again

I’ve never understood the hate for Monstrous Regiment. It’s one of my favorites. Wry and very humorous to me. Not funny? Really? I love Polly and Sargent Jackram. I reread it recently and loved it just as much as I did the first time.

My list would be very different from most fans in that while I love Granny Weatherwax, I’m not as big of a fan of most of the Witches books. They are enjoyable but don’t rank in the top ten for me. Commander Vimes is my favorite Discworld character, though.

That list is garbage though. Small Gods is the only properly placed book in the entire list and I feel like he managed that on accident. Eric is the worst. Sorcery is second worst. Everything else depends on what I read last and the mood I’m in that day.

Me neither. It’s not like it isn’t funny. Maybe it’s because the setting is seemingly such a downer? Or it’s possibly because it’s overtly feminist in a way the Witches and Tiffany books aren’t? Or it’s because it focuses on new characters, I remember both The Truth and Going Postal getting less rave ratings when they first came out, because they had new POV characters.

Here’s a list in published order. Feel free to copy & paste into your spreadsheet.