What (Awesome) Song Is This?

I heard the PERFECT song over a gas station PA system. Naturally, it’s piped in by satellite, so I’d never be able to track down the artist/title via humans. So, I’ve turned to the brain trust of the SDope for help!!!

Surely, someone must know a modern-sounding, upbeat AC* song with an lyircs that go something like this: “I don’t wanna be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be…I’m tired of looking around wondering what I’m supposed to be…”

Wow, how true! The lyrics talk about a person fed up with the world defining what they are (whether the artist means by peer pressure or the job world, etc, it’s all so very true) vs. what the person him/herself wants to be!

Any clue? *AC, I wager, as opposed to hip-hop, classic rock, or oldies.

  • Jinx

Here’s a link to the lyrics and artist name, from which you should be able to find the song:


(I googled the first set of words you gave and the word lyrics)

Thanks a zillion! Well, at least a google, in any case! I thought the lyrics were too general, and I anticipated a sea of fruitless results to mine. Again, thanks!

Wow, next to “running through the halls of my high school” (no such thing as the Real World), we need more songs like this that really tell it as it is! Likewise, some may know REO Speedwagon’s “Rock N Roll Star” lyrics along a similar vein.

Cool! …Give em hell, Harry! America needs you, Harry Truman! (aal Chicago lyrics)

  • Jinx :cool:

Wow, Jinx, turns out you were looking for my least favorite tv-theme song. It’s the theme to One Tree Hill.

I like that song! It’s called “I Don’t Want to Be,” and the artist is Gavin DeGraw. I have it on a CD I burned of songs to listen to when I need some inspiration.

I think this is the first time that I’ve ever known the answer to a name this song thread so I decided to post for the sheer hell of it.

I like the song too, heard an acoustic version of it somehwere, maybe on One Tree Hill, I loved it.

I don’t much care for that song, but Gavin DeGraw does have one song I like called Follow Through. You might want to check that one out too.