What Bad TV Programs Are Your Secret Thang?

In an addition to this threadabout what bad movies are your secret pleasure, what are your TV secret pleasures?

I have a thing for documentaries about ghosts, cryptids - pretty much any forteana. I am currently watching some drivel about mermaids [warning, it has an audio/video advert that starts up automatically, I have adblock but it still popped up] . I love talking back at the TV and telling the program why whatever whacked claim they are making is bogus. I love Ancient Aliens, and telling the dude with the hair what an idiot he is. :smiley:

I also like serious for real documentaries, but they are getting more and more rare :frowning:

COPS, Bait Car.

I’m always way too fascinated with Big Brother.

I love all of those Behind Bars documentaries. Even Jail (I think it’s on SpikeTV.) No idea why… I also love watching television about people who can’t dress themselves (What not to Wear, Say Yes to the Dress) because it’s fun to make fun of people. And Disney/ Nickelodeon teen comedies, like iCarly and Victorious. Cheesy goodness!

I only ever watch the History Channel to point out the.mistakes anymore, and to marvel at what’s now considered history. Bigfoot? Rummaging through strangers’ barns? Really?

Add Parking Wars and this is pretty much my list.

Oh, and almost every daytime court show.

The old USA Swamp Thing series. It’s so bad, and I love it so much. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why but I can’t turn off Parking Wars and Storage Wars.

It’s not a bad show per se, I generally just don’t like the reality format, but I have a soft spot for American Pickers - such excellent Americana. Same reason I watch Kid in a Candy Store, Meat & Potatoes and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, I guess - those are hardly the best cooking shows , basically just food porn, but a fascinating insight into the real American cuisine.

Og help me, Hardcore Pawn.

It’s not bad and I don’t keep it a secret, but some might raise an eyebrow at a male twenty-something grad student who hasn’t missed a single episode of the current-generation My Little Pony.

TruTV’s “America’s Dumbest…” series, the one with a bunch of old child stars, comedians, etc., making smart-ass comments about wacky videos.

I watch America’s Next Top Model. I have no idea why I watch it. It is terrible, and yet I like it.

Since getting rid of cable last year, I’m stuck with broadcast TV for mindless background noise, so I’m absorbing a lot more crappy reality TV than I like to admit. I can start up Hulu or Netflix streaming, but then I have to choose what to watch, which is sometimes just too much.

You’re a Brony?

I’m with the OP. I’ll watch anything about ghosts, ancient aliens, hunting Bigfoot, cryptozoology and all that. They’re good for a laugh.

I love American Ninja Warrior and Pretty Little Liars.

I blame my stepdaughter. :slight_smile:

Me too. I find everyone who works there unlikeable, and all the customers are urban caricatures. There is rarely anything interesting being pawned. I keep saying to myself what an awful show this is, yet I keep watching.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders I wouldn’t want to negotiate anything with the women in charge of the tryouts, they are tough as nails.

Remington Steele The plots are often lame, but tolerable enough to sit through just to watch Stephanie Zimbalist.

Just fine, as long as you’re high when you watch it.

The show’s arguably bad, but when it was in production I couldn’t get enough of Good Christian Bitches (GCB).

I have on more than one occasion to watch marathons of Power Rangers on Netflix. I have also been known to tune into Days of Our Lives, both are like potato chips once you start it’s tough to stop.