What TV show(s) are you ashamed to admit that you watch and like?!

Ok, firstly I admit to watching too much TV already. And not much of it am I really ashamed to be caught enjoying … :stuck_out_tongue: I do have two soaps that I enjoy watching (Port Charles and General Hospital), and am actually (gasp!) contemplating adding a third (As the World Turns). Not that I am ashamed of it, mind you. :wink: I have, from time to time, had several “guilty pleasure” shows though! And -no-, get your minds out of the gutter, I’m -not- talking about those “America Undercover” shows on HBO, really! :smiley:

I enjoy watching the local high school quiz show in my area, “It’s Academic!” LOL And yes, I attempt to answer the questions along with the kids! And then, I go on to watch the NBC Saturday line-up, the “TNBC” shows! LOL-yes, shamefully, I enjoy these shows! I probably should be more ashamed to admit that I enjoy watching my soaps (well, except for General Hospital, which unfortunately is pretty sucky right now. :().

So what shows are you ashamed to admit that you watch and enjoy?! Come on and share, you know you want to! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, and ftr, I -mostly- get the correct answers on the quiz show, except for the math questions which are usually totally over my head. :wink:


The A-Team. It’s so bad it’s good.

Magnum PI. I used to think my BF was silly for watching it, then I got hooked. I rencently started watching a kids cartoon Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat, really cute. Thing is, it’s aimed at 4-8 year olds, I’m 36. Oh well.

gilligans island.

beverly hillbillies.

andy griffith show. otis the drunk slays me.
um, are those shows even on any more? am i showing my age and/or the last time i watched tv? i derived a great deal of pleasure from those very bad shows back in the day, though.

All the judge shows - Judy, Mills, Joe, the whole lot. And People’s Court before it went kaput.

Emergency! I was so happy to see one of our local independents start showing that in the afternoon. If I’m home sick or it’s a holiday, I make sure and watch it. It’s cheesier than a big plate of nachos.

I will not become displeased if the TV is left on while 90210 is playing. :o

A Dating Story on TLC.

Fear Factor. I dislike quite intensely the so-called “reality TV” shows, but for some reason I find this one oddly rivetting.

Okay, that whole Boomerang channel on sattelite. They show all those old sixties superhero and adventure cartoons like Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Birdman, Mightor, Shazzan, Dino-boy… stuff like that. The thing is, as bad as they are…they’re done entirely without irony. I mean, sure, there’s always the little stinger at the end where everyone laughs, but the shows themselves are played totally straight…they’re just little ten-minute adventure stories.

Now, admittedly, these shows are utterly atrocious…the animation is bottom-of-the-barrel…the writing is unbelievably bad…BUT…


i like to watch it when i’m high…

You know, there’s a thread like this about every month on SDMB about some topic or another. The Guilty Pleasure Thread. As I read them, I always think the same thing: * why be ashamed of what you like*?

I know, there’s some sort of societal or peer pressure to like the same thing as everyone else, and I also understand that this is not the point of the thread (okay, so I admit this is a hijack). But really. Like what you like! Be not afraid!

I watch Gilligan’s Island. I’ve seen Big Trouble in Little China about a hundred times (Best. Movie. Ever). I just ate a bowl of Lucky Charms, and loved every spoonful. I like hyacinths because they smell pretty.

They’re your tastes. Relish them.

End of hijack. I feel better now. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

That should be “satellite.”

Sorry, I’m sober.

Although I hardly watch it. I enjoy it immensely when I do.

VIP with Pam Anderson.

I honestly think it is a funny show. It consciously plays the B-movie adventure so well.

And Anderson is by far the best actress on the show… That in and of itself is HILARIOUS!

There was this great scene where Pam has an evil twin and they are chasing her in this big car chase. (they are wearing the same outfit. I think hot pink tight hot pants) At the end the double tries to escape on foot. And Pam tell her crew. “Wait here, I’ll get her!”

But their pants are so tight they can’t run. They are shuffling along in these horrible high heel platforms. It had me rolling.

I don’t watch too much television, so it’s really pathetic that my only two stapples are:

Passions. I’m SOOOO ashamed of this one, but it’s the first “Soap Opera” I’ve seen with a witch and her talking doll, which is really just some midget they put in dolls clothing. The plots are more conveluted than ANYTHING on any soap opera my mom’s ever watched, and hey, they’ve got demons. Witches, demons, coniving bitches, and one hot mother…no, really, the only really attractive person on the show is Pillar, the 35 year old actress playing the mother of 30 year old Luis. Man, this show’s casting is worse than the WB.
Jackie Chan Adventures. This one, I’m not so ashamed to admit. It’s a wonderful cartoon, the writing is well done, the humor actually funny, and the artwork is rather unique. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest giving it a shot.

I don’t know if I’m ashamed, although I’m careful about who I discuss it with, so I guess that’s close enough.

Reality shows. The more tasteless, the better. Especially if they involve stupid people experiencing the consequences of their stupidity. They’re my connection to America.

The COPS dirnking game:

Tank-top ‘wife-beater’-style shirt: 1 sip.
No shirt: 2 sips.
No pants: chug.

I’ve gotten totally addicted to “That 70’s Show.” I have to watch it. It is so bad, like watching a car crash.

I just love Hyde and Fez (though I wish they’d put Jackie out of my misery). And the grown-ups are good (do you know Debra Jo “Kitty” Rupp had reoccuring roles on both Seinfeld and Friends?)

[…peeking in sheepishly…]

7th Heaven. Please don’t hit me.

Without a doubt, ** Blind Date** and The 5th Wheel

The things people will do or say for 15 minutes of infamy…

“Relic Hunter” with Tia Carrera.
I don’t know why, but it’s a funny show. Besides, Nigel is kind of hot. I think part of it also is that I don’t have cable, and this is on the one channel that comes in clearly on my tv.

I watch all the Judge shows too…especially People’s Court. It’s not kaput, as a matter of fact, Judge Milan is second only to Judge Judy.

When I’m home during the day, I also watchi General Hospital. It hasn’t been up to par lately, however, I just can’t help myself…

I went to a taping of that show when I was a freshman in high school (1979/80), when some students were chosen to compete. A bunch of us went to support our classmates. It was pretty cool, and I remember watching it on TV a few weeks later and seeing myself and my friends in the audience. :slight_smile: