what bank

Does anyone know of a bank that allows an individual to keep a balance in that bank in a different currency? (Not USD)

I assume you mean in the USA? Not that I have found.

In the Czech Republic however non residents can open accounts and it can work so that you have one account number, but ten currencies (USD, CZK, EUR, CHF, GBP, HUF, PLN, RUR, JPY… and I can’t remember the 10th).

You’ll have a balance in each and it is all very slick. You’ll need to visit Prague to set it up though.

I think some of the Australian banks might allow individuals to hold foreign currency accounts, but they have the same requirements as for businesses, including a 6-figure minimum opening balance, that sort of thing.

It’s not a bank, but PayPal will let you hold a balance in multiple currencies.

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