What baseball books do you buy going into a new season?

I’m going to order my Baseball Prospectus 2011. Amazon shows plenty of other baseball books available. What else do you like to read prior to and during the season? I’m both a fantasy player as well as a fan.

I buy Lindy’s annual baseball magazine, which has ratings for the teams and most of the players, but that’s about it. I have a significant library of coaching materials at home that I review from time to time and then actually being at the diamond coaching my team takes up the bulk of my free time until mid-summer, so I don’t read tons of material during that period.

Every now and then I’ll also pick up a biography or something – I have a really good “Shoeless Joe” Jackson biography at home (the title escapes me at the moment) and I also really enjoyed Nolan Ryan’s autobiography. :slight_smile:

I usually get the Prospectus as well. There’s too much info in there to get anything else before the season begins. Though I have occasionally gotten The Sporting News’ fantasy baseball magazine. They have decent info and rankings that early, their articles are always good, and sleepers don’t change much from that time. It at least gives you a little bit of a head start before spring training completely changes everything.

I usually get either the Sporting News preview (which now encompasses Street&Smith) or Athlon.

Both Sporting News previews (Fantasy and regular - although the regular is so out of date that I really just buy it out of habit).
Sometimes Athlon.

Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America Prospect Handbook always - sometimes in the past I’ve bought the Baseball America Almanac, but not this year. This year for the first time I bought The Hardball Times Baseball Annual - some good writing in there, but I haven’t really dug deep into their stats yet.

None. I reread Philip Roth’s The Great American Novel, IMHO the best baseball book ever, every spring to get me in the mood.

Last year I read Men at Work by George Will, and the year before I read The Natural.

I read baseball books twelve months a year.

I’ve stopped buying baseball books, but I do renew my baseballprospectus.com membership so I get the in-depth stats and analysis.

Books just get out of date too fast for how much room they take up.

I’m a big fan of Ron Shandler’s Baseball Forecaster - I’ve been using it for about five years, now.

I don’t buy that many. Often, it’s just the annual edition of Who’s Who in Baseball. It’s a handy guide to keep on hand if I’m curious about a player’s lifetime stats and I don’t have to be near a computer.

I like to get the Sporting News and Sports Illustrated baseball preview issues before the season starts.

I used to get the Sporting News Baseball Guide every year, but I don’t think they’ve published it in a while. I guess baseball-reference.com put that out of business.