Best Baseball Weekly Magazine/Ezine?

A friend of mine is looking to buy a gift for her boss, and asked me if I had any suggestions. Being a guy he’s pretty tough to shop for, and the only hobby she knows of is his fantasty baseball addiction.

In that vien, I figured a good gift would be something that fed into it and perhaps got him better prepared for the upcoming season. My idea was a subscription to a baseball weekly magazine or website where he could do resreach, get tips,and just generally go nuts.

I likes me some baseball myself, but I’m not the type who’ll take much time reading periodicals and what not, so I didn’t have any specific suggestions. I figured with the baseball junkies on this board there’d be a pretty likely chance that I’d get some suggestions.

So far I’ve located Sports Weekly, formerly Baseball Weekly as the obvious choice. I don’t know if its a good read and if the advice would be timely enough to make good use of it. Anyone read it? Also, I was thinking that there’s have to be a quality premium online service for this type of stuff that’d be a pretty good tool. Perhaps even a magazine with a online facet that provides both. I’m not really familiar with that stuff myself, since I rarely get past myself.

Suggestions are welcome for any gifts outside of this realm too. Fire away.

You guys make the baby jesus cry…

Most hardcore fantasy geeks seem to use . Haven’t ever paid for a subscription ($39.95/yr) myself, but the free content is pretty good. Of course, if he’s serious about it, he may already be a subscriber. Sports Weekly is good, and has several fantasy-focused articles in each issue (I buy it at the newstand most weeks) but the content is generally available for free online as well.

Baseball America is also a worthy print publication, but it’s only biweekly and its focus is really on the minor leagues – for a fantasy player, its main value is in keeping tabs on who the hot prospects worth grabbing when they get to majors are. Much of their content is also available online, updated daily, with some of available only to subscribers.

She might also buy a sponsorship for one (or more) of his favorite team or player pages from , which is one of my favorite sites on the net and needs the support.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll look into them.

The fact that Sports Weekly recently changed from Baseball Weekly and that they have no appreciable online presense makes me question getting a subscription to it.

I’ve been considering going with The Sporting News instead and coupling it with the premium fantasy services. I’ve always found the free stuff on their website to be fairly useful for my fantasy football interests. If their baseball presence is comparable I’d say it’s worthwhile. Can anyone speak on their baseball news’ worth?

Wthout a doubt the Baseball Prospectus is the single greatest baseball site out there. But it’s for the stathead analysis guys…be warned. If he’s not comfortable with Excel he should stick with the free content available there.

If he’s a hardcore fantasy baseball player (like myself) he should look at They update all player info based upon news reports from hundreds of sites and print sources every day during the season (and the preseason).

In addition, he can enter his players and they’ll email him each time one of his players is updated.

I use it. And I won my least in 2002 (and came close in 2003). It’s worth the money to have someone else track down ALL printed info about each player.

Sporting News is really a gossip rag in disguise. It’s OK in it’s way but for someone who’s into fantasy baseball in a hardcore way they’re not so good. The info there tends to be less in depth. He’d be better with the free content from

Hmmm, surprised to hear that type of critique of TSN. I can certainly believe that they aren’t as stat-based as baseball prospectus, but to say that the free content on ESPN is better really shocks me. Perhaps I’ve been led astray. I think she’s already ordered TSN and TSN online for him, so it’s probably a moot point by now, but I’m curious if you or anyone can explain more specifically what it is about TSN that makes it as weak as Nate’s comments sound. Mostly a matter of curiousty for me. Thanks for the help, guys.

Big baseball fan here. And I can tell you that for a hardcore baseball fan, there is no good print magazine to get.

You are better off getting an online subscription to You’d be surprised how much stuff about baseball is available free.