Interesting RSS feeds

I have a fairly sports-based RSS feed list. And I’ve come to the realization that it sucks. One of them is some sort of compilation feed, and it spits out hundreds of articles a day I have no interest in, and it just clutters everything up. I’d like to both simply and expand my reading list, and am open to suggestions. So - tell me about your feeds.

Big League Stew - MLB - Yahoo Sports: They send out about 5 posts a day, which is perfect. Their authors are knowledgeable and recognizeable, and they cover interesting and amusing topics in the world of baseball. Full articles appears in Google Reader. 4/5 stars. A nerdy webcomic that goes over my head on ocassion. Comes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Make sure to check out the mouse-over text for a metajoke or humurous aside! Full articles appears in Google Reader. 4/5 stars.

Baseball Musings: David Pinto is a baseball analyst of the sabermetric persuasion. He blogs full-time, has been running a Players A-Z series this off-season that’s excellent, and is a great source of supplemental information. Full articles appears in Google Reader. 5/5 stars.

**The Hardball Times: ** THT is another great baseball source that mixes regular baseball news with fantasy news. It’s well-done, and their site is a fantastic source of information. They’re the go-to source for excellent pitch f/x data and analysis, which is fascinating. Full articles are NOT featured on Google Reader - headline, teaser and link only. 4/5 stars.

The Cheapskate - CNET News: CNET features a daily technology bargain. You can expect anything from a great deal on a netbook to an LCD monitor to headphones to software to…anything really. It’s a popular blog, so make sure you check it early in case his recommendation sells out quickly! Full articles do NOT appear in Google Reader (but the headline is descriptive). 3/5 stars.

Three of my favorites are (I have a custom feed with the Mac news removed),, and

All cover a variety of topics with useful tips and programs…

Oooh - Lifehacker’s a great call! (How do you custom-rig it to delete the Mac stuff?)

That jogged my memory, and I just added How Stuff Works. Looks promising.

This post should explain the method…