Recommend some interesting RSS feeds

Me and Bloglines are getting pretty hot and heavy these days, so I’d like to expand the experience. These are my current subscriptions:

News - NYT, Wapo, USAToday, CNN, WSJ, BBC News, AJC, Google News

Politics - Little Green Footballs, Wonkette, Daily KOS, Crooks and Liars, Drudge, Memeorandum, The Daily Dish

Sports - CBS Sportsline, ESPN

Misc - Original Signal, Slate, Freakonomics, Fark, The Onion, Digg, Rotten Tomatoes, local surf report, Boing Boing, Slashdot

Productivity - lifehack, 43 folders

Honestly, my list is a little news / politics heavy right now, and I’d like to venture into other areas. (Example: I’ve just recently gotten into the productivity blogs, and I find them really fascinating). What I really like to see in an RSS feed is one that’s updated often and consistently engaging.

So Dopers - Any recs for interesting reads? What are your favorite feeds? Thanks!

I love MAKE magazine in general. Ars Technica’s detailed (and well-written) reviews of PC hardware/software are usually on the money and avoid the horrific clearly-purchased reviews and clearly-not-spellchecked fanboy articles. The Consumerist is generally a savvy producer of consumer protection articles and “save five bucks on X” advice.

Wonkette is a foul-mouthed and sassy reporter of DC politics with more cynicism per paragraph than even the BBQ pit – fair warning, Wonkette is not afraid to use highly polarizing language which might be considered NSFW: the word “c*nt” appears regularly, Barack Obama is called “Barry Hussein Osama”, and while she was in office, Katherine Harris was regularly mocked with words like “batshit insane”. Gay-bashing and hate speech (usually as punchy “what they really mean” versions of Republican talking points) appear regularly.

I also like Warren Ellis’s blog, and JWZ’s livejournal – they frequently carry shocking/bizarre headlines or photos that add a little twist of WTF to my browsing day.

In the same vein, I love instructables - although I don’t really like their RSS feed. (Seriously - I can spend eight hours just wandering through that site). I’m going to try the Make blog for a week or so and see how I like it.

Great rec. I actually had bookmarks to Clark Howard and the Simple Dollar, but I hadn’t thought to see if they had RSS feeds. All three are now on my subscription list.

I listed Wonkette in the OP, but that’s a pretty good description of the site. I’ve been a big fan for a long time.

As for the rest — I’ve never been able to get into Warren Ellis’s blog, and I had a subscription to Ars Technica, but I found it didn’t interest me enough to keep me reading.

Thanks for the recs!

My Bloglines is pretty full of knitting and science fiction-related blogs. Here are a couple of non-knitting, non-sf feeds I follow:

I’ve recently been enjoying Beach Walks with Rox. It’s a video podcast from the beaches of Hawaii. (I love Hawaii.)

Geoffrey Chauce Hath a Blog is occasionally really hilarious, but they don’t post that often.

If you like photography, Daily Dose of Imagery has some neat stuff.

I just recently discovered, a video website which is heavily oriented towards combat videos from Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as other newsworthy (and not so worthy) videos.

I would have figured having Little Green Footballs and Daily Kos subscribed in the same program would cause it to spontaneously combust.

I come from the “differing viewpoints never hurt anyone” school of thought. (It does smoke a little when I start up bloglines, though :stuck_out_tongue: ).