What Beatles' LP Has "Hey Jude"?

Does “Hey Jude” appear on any Beatles’ album? I’m amazed they squeezed it on to a 45. Does anyone know if the grooves as close as physically possible to make it fit??? - Jinx

You can get it on the Past Masters Volume 2 CD.

Um, it was on the The Beatles 1966-70, which is available on CD, and it was also on the American LP Hey Jude, which is not available on CD.

It’s also on the Past Masters Vol. 2 CD.

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Back in those days, the Beatles did not normally press singles into albums. It was recorded more or less at the same time as “The White Album” but is otherwise available, just like the other folks said, on compilations…Pastmasters II, 66-70, and Hey Jude, which I believe is not available in CD.

Perhaps the easiest way to get it is the compilation ‘1’.

The Beatles followed British practice of not releasing singles on albums (British record buyers got very annoyed if they bought the single and then found it on an album*). “Hey Jude” was only released as a single.

Later, it was put on the “Hey Jude” compilation album (alternative title: “The Beatles Again”). It collected a bunch of Beatles songs that had never “officially” been put on albums before (some were on the American versions of things like “Yesterday . . . and Today,” which was a bunch of singles and extra album cuts*)

*British record buyers in the 60s were not as affluent as those in the US and resented paying twice for the same song. In addition, British LPs generally had 14 songs while US LPs usually had 12. Capitol would routinely cut two songs off any Beatles album released in the US. Then, they’d take those, plus hit singles that weren’t on British albums, and repackage, more notoriously with “Yesterday . . . and Today.” After the controversy with that album’s cover, Capitol agreed to release US albums with the same songs as the British version, and the CDs restored the British version.