What became of Hershey's Tastetations™?

Granted this is not the most pressing matter of the day, but I’m sure it is important to some people. I’ve visited the Hershey’s™ website and they don’t even list it as one of their products. On message boards it is rumored to have been discontinued. Of course the only message board that matters is the SDMB.
So, are Hershey’s TasteTations™ discontinued? I find it hard to believe these things were unpopular. IMHO these are far better than Werther’s™ which are incredibly overrated. If TasteTations have been discontinued is there anything similar out there? (and you know what I think of Werther’s™).

Well, I see my posting has gone from relative obscurity to total oblivion.
Some of the “Dopers” here must have a sweet tooth.
Isn’t anyone else a fan of these candies?

I’m sure I’ve seen them up here. I work in a large chain drugstore, so I’ll have a look and see if I’m right. Maybe they just discontinued them in the States? I know you have candy and chocolate that we never see in Canada.

I’m in Canada. We have them at the local drugstore.

I like them, especially the chocolate ones.

What are (were) they?

For those of us not in the US.

Paul, TasteTations are (were) a great-tasting hard candy sold in bags of about 1 pound. They came in a lot of flavors - butterscotch, caramel, and so on. To me (and a lot of other people) they were the greatest-tasting candy ever made. Why they are being discontinued, I have NO idea.

Yup, I checked today and we carry them also. As to why they’re being discontinued, maybe they’re more popular in Canada?

There are few candies as delicious as the tastetations. The mint was smooth and refreshing. The caramel is tasty but there is only one candy that ever made chocolate- TasteTations. no one has ever made such a delicious candy as the chocolate, which tastes like dark chocolate or Fudge. IT is wondrous, and I haven’t seen any in the states since 2000. My heart is breaking, I would love it if i could find a place that still sells for shipment to the states. I would pay $10 for a bag of mint and chocolate tastetations, S&H not included.

More popular? The only reason they’re not here is they are not SOLD here. They are as good or better than most on the market. NO ONE sells a chocolate candy that doesn’t melt. Hershey’s Tastations never melted, at least not until you put them in your mouth!

This is the most random zombie to see bumped, because today at work I mentioned these hard candies one of my teachers used to give out and it took me forever to think of the name, and eventually I did - Tastetations! and no one else in my department knew what I was talking about.

I looked on the Hershey’s wiki page and these are discontinued.

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