What birds are in your yard, right now, this instant!!?

Looking out my back window I see:

[li]1 female brown thrasher[/li][li]4 goldfinches[/li][li]1 downey woodpecker[/li][li]2 chickadees[/li][/ul]

None, my dogs are racing around like fools. All birds have wisely abandoned ship.

One chickadee.

Chickadees all over the place,too numerous to count.
Five cardinals (2 male 3 female)
Three crows (eating corn the deer and turkeys left behind)
Many grackles.

Robins. A cardinal pair. Goldfinches. House finches. Robins. Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers (“punk birds,” in house parlance). Titmouses. Juncos. Robins. A few I am probably forgetting; Mrs. B. manages Chez Aviaux outside our dining room window. Oh, and robins.

(As a former west coaster I am endlessly entertained by real robins. Out there, “robins” are little Walter Mitty wren-birdies. Here, they’re big, arrogant, territorial brats. Love 'em.)

Well, I’m at work… but normal complement would be some Greater Antillean Grackles (locally known as ching-chings) and there are a couple Cayman Parrots most of the time as well.

They better be snowbirds else they’re freezing their little beaks off right now.

Well, you can’t possibly KNOW that they are there, now can you? Report back when you get home. Them’s the rules!!


Porridge Bird

Some sparrows in the bushes. The rest took off when I let Blackjack out.

I have a huge, large window in my office, but what I see right now are bunnies (disqualified due to their non-bird status) and Magpies.

There’s a penguin out there somewhere.

My favorite Caribbean birds are the Bananaquit and the Greater Antillean Bullfinch. :slight_smile:

Two white winged doves, three Eurasian doves, and a house sparrow.

(I live in Tucson)

The only 3 I know are there for sure are 3 Barred Plymouth Rock hens. :smiley:

Big black crow looking things.

Well, let’s see…

One red-tailed hawk eating what I think used to be a rabbit and for some reason everyone else seems to have left.

We’ve had a lot of dark-eyed juncos in our yard the last week or so.

I spent the weekend spending a lot of time birding in central Indiana and saw all kinds of fun stuff, and got a lot of photos as well. Here are two of my favorite captures: a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker and a Purple Finch (1st time seeing either - photos are mine).

Some Galah’s and a Wille Wagtail.