What bone could this be?

This weird bone here.
Context: a roadside curiosity shop/museum in Iceland, with random displays of bones of birds, sea mammals (including whales and orcas), and land mammals, as well as rocks and minerals and other tchotchkes.

Description: Palm-length, highly curved, light, maybe worn or broken off at the far ends (?). The photo doesn’t make it clear, but the part that I’m grasping in the photo curves back toward the far points as it loops over. I didn’t see any obvious articular surfaces anywhere along the bone.

There’s just the one photo, sorry.

Hyoid bone? Scroll down at that link for a photo of an array of such bones from different species.

I thought of hyoid, or vestigial pelvis, or odd wishbone, but the shapes of these bones varies a lot among species and a Google image search wasn’t getting me any hits that looked right.

It could be the gill collar of a fish. I’ve been trying to come up with some images and miserably failing since every picture is people with fish tattoos on their clavicles.

I don’t have an answer, but out of curiosity I did a random bird bone image search–one of the results was from a SDMB thread. Pretty cool.

A single bump to see if anyone else has any ideas about this bone.

I have no clue what it is other than weird. You would probably get a pretty quick answer here, though.

1st thing(s) that came to mind,
A two peckered billy goat.

some sort of fish bone probably. The way it’s curved and lightweight. Looks like a broken bone from a fish rib.