What Broadway Shows Should I See?

I’m in NY for 3 weeks, doing shows, museums, etc. (And eating decent bagels.)
Shows on TKTS are a plus. We saw the My Fair Lady revival (awesome) and it turns out that if you have a TKTS stub you can jump the line for a week.
I’m entering all the lotteries, but don’t expect to get anything, so Hamilton is right out, and we’ve seen Book of Mormon in Sand Francisco already (not that we’d mind seeing it again.)
Musicals, plays, or Off-Broadway all good. No jukebo musicals.
On our list already is Bernhardt/Hamlet, previews of The Lifespan of a Fact, The Nap ((got a good review in the Times) ans The Play That Went Wrong. And Come From Away and The Band’s Visit. Any other winners?

I see Chicago is still on. That has to be awesome live!

I LOVED Come From Away! And of course Dear Evan Handler won last year’s Tony for best musical. And if you’ve never seen Stomp! at the Orpheum, give it a try (the shape of the theater makes the sound that much better)

I don’t know whether it’s any good or not but On Beckett looks interesting to me.


We saw Waitress and School of Rock during the summer. The kids liked School fo Rock but we all loved Waitress, even my wife who is not a big musical fan.

Since we got back in late August we have listened to the Waitress music about 1,482,472 times.

The Phantom of the Opera. Not only is it Broadway’s longest running show ever, it is damn good.

My tip is to go to the “plays only” line on the far left of TKTS. You can pick up tickets in a fraction of the time. Last time, I got them (for No Man’s Land with Gandalf and Captain Picard) in about ten minutes as opposed to 45 or so for any other line.

Several of the plays you mentioned are available today.

It’s off Broadway but I can not more highly recommend Puffs: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Brilliant and amazing theater. Do not miss if you are even a casual Harry Potter fan.

book of mormon is very good

When did you see My Fair Lady? A friend of mine is in her Broadway debut playing Eliza on Sunday afternoons, and an ensemble member other nights.

We’re headed down to NYC tomorrow to catch My Fair Lady on Sunday. I don’t think we’re going to see another show, but if we were, I’d prioritize The Band’s Visit over any other musicals.

Once On This Island is a pretty dynamic show, though I’ve heard mixed things from friends who’ve seen it.

Ditto on the Phantom suggestion, if you haven’t seen it.

Seen it already, years ago before the Phantom went on Social Security.

Wednesday matinee. Understudy Higgins, original Eliza. Two Eliza understudies are listed - Anderson and Botts. Real Rosemary Harris I’m happy to say.

The line wasn’t bad when we went, and now we get to jump the line. I’ve got the TKTS app so I can check in advance on availability.

Now that sounds interesting! We saw Bill Irwin in Fool Moon, so I’ll keep my eye out. I don’t think my wife is as big a Beckett fan as I am, though.

Interesting. A definite possibility. The NY Historical Society just opened a history of Potter exhibit which we’ll hit in a week or so. Be a good combo.
I’m definitely open to off Broadway. Hell, I saw Man of La Mancha when it was at ANTA, before it moved to Broadway - with Richard Kiley, of course.

Saw it in San Francisco with some of the original cast with our kids. You can enter a whole week’s worth of lottery at a time.
We played the soundtrack as we drove through Salt Lake City. :smiley: And our 2 1/4 year old grandson is learning the songs.



Here’s something slightly off the beaten path: Fiddler on the Roof, in Yiddish, with English supertitles. My high school friend Adam B. Shapiro is playing the Rabbi in it, and also understudying the roles of Tevye and Lazar Wolf. It’s gotten rave reviews, and has already had its run extended twice.

The Bands Visit.
Just saw it and it was fantastic. One of the best. And I saw Hamilton on Broadway this year too…

My daughter and my sister just saw that and said it was fantastic as well.

Beautiful-The Carole King Musical is amazing.

It’s not just a Carole King replica concert performance. It tells her story and troubled relationship with Gerry Goffin. I saw it twice in Chicago and loved it more the second time. And. I’m not a big Carole King or singer-songwriter fan.

I’ve been debating seeing this. Maybe I will!

We also got tickets to Network (with Jeff Daniels) in previews. It looks interesting.