What came first? Religious or Civil law?

I’d say religious law as it predates civil. I mean that’s why religious and civil law are one and the same in early civilizations, as the idea that there was a thing (what we would now call a state, kingdom, etc) that needed laws, etc. was a new idea. But the idea that there was a religious on the dude who just killed the mastedon to share (not least to share with the guy who talks to God, so he can give an err sacrifice) far predates anything like that.

I’m not a zoologist, but from what I can see wolves generally live in family packs of a bonded pair and their juvenile offspring. Feeding order is described as varying, but decided by the adults. They are in charge, they decide. Now I don’t know how scarcity influences the feeding order, but I expect that evolution has led to desperate wolves prioritizing the adults who can live on and have another litter, over juveniles who’re not ready to be independent yet.

Like you I greatly simplified, and also I’m not describing a small family group like a wolf pack, but a larger group. And as far as I can tell those groups often do have members on the margins and competition between families.

I did not mean to imply otherwise

The Illustrated Guide to Law (which I learned about right here on the SDMB) answers questions like the OP.