What can I buy for $4.24?

I have a Visa gift card with only $4.24 left on it. Does anybody have any ideas for what to buy with this card?

I want to spend it online, but whatever I buy must cost less than $4.24, including shipping.

I’m open to any reasonable suggestions. Hell, I’m open to unreasonable suggestions too…

at the little mexican food joint down the street, you can get a monster-sized carne asada burrito.

anywhere close?

or…you can sign up for paypal, using that credit card, and any balance over the $4.24 comes out of your bank account. (assuming you have money in THAT!)

Well, assuming you can pay your phone bill with a credit card and applying the formula oft seen on television (".99 gets you 20 minutes of long distance, with .07 for each additional minute!):

You can talk long distance on the phone for approximately 66 and a half minutes.


Buy this on ebay or may be this?

You can buy certain books on Half.com, including media mail. :slight_smile:


How about, Sunday morning, buying two local papers (at a buck fifty each) and a bottle of diet Dr. Pepper?

Hijack: Yes! to diet Dr. Pepper! It’s :cool:

You can buy a bar of Kitchen Vixen Homemade soap. (But not the shipping, sorry!)

Borrow another two bucks from a friend and buy a copy of Star Wars: Jango Fett from Dark Horse comics.