What can I do with a bunch of concrete chunks?

We have about 30 pieces of a broken-up 4" concrete slab. The pieces are roughly 3 s/f of surface area broken into irregular shapes. I am thinking of using them as walkway pavers but maybe someone has a more clever idea.

Perhaps some artistic endeavor?

Or build a fence?

I used broken chunks of concrete to lay a floor for a chicken house one time.
I just mortered them in like laying bricks except the space between was never the same.
Raised a lot of chickens on that floor.
Now we just use it as a storage shed.
It was pretty hard to get it level though. The chicks didn’t mind though.

-Give out paperweights and doorstops for christmas.

-Hand the pieces out at rock concerts.

-Build a trebuchet; use the chunks as ammo.

-Give them to a strong and patient friend who likes doing jigsaw puzzles.

Seriously, I’d throw them out. Three square feet of a four inch slab is a cubic foot of concrete. Two 80-pound bags of ready mix costs less than fifteen bucks and will make up about the same volume.

That said, some friends did make a garden wall out of broken up concrete for their cactus garden. It looks good.