What can kids do today to shock their parents?

The current crop of kids entering the age of rebellion was born in the 90’s. By then we already had everything we have today. Their parents have tried (or at least could have, had they wanted) all kinds of drugs, body modifications, sexual preferences, music or any cultural niche that we have today.

Sure there are still squares and their kids could annoy them by going emo, punk, hippie or whathaveyou, just like the kid of any of those could annoy their by using brigthly colored polo shirts and listening pop music. But annoying is not shocking.

I guess the actual GQ here then is: Have there been any real revolutions or new developments that a modern teen could use to shock their parents? Is anything coming before the singularity when they will be able to alter their biology and/or go cyborg?

(I realize this is only borderline GQ, so move around as needed if needed)

I dunno, but if I were a parent now I’d be worried about my kid getting into this annoying vampire fad.

Posting nude pictures of themselves online isn’t something they could have done very easily in the 90s, but teen girls do it all the time on various forums, for no payment other than drooling adoration. That would shock and confuse a 40-something parent today.

I’d be pretty shocked if I found out my daughter was a camwhore.

commit murder?

Serious answer. Ever see the news stories of an inner-city kid killed in a gang-related incident? There’s not a single parent anywhere who believes their kid is actually involved in a gang, much less would pull the trigger.

I must disagree. Gang members not infrequently have babies, who may grow up to be – gang members, in much the same way that the kids of volunteer firemen may grow up to find themselves driving red vehicles, swilling beer and sucking down raw clams at the annual picnic. (Please, no cries of outrage from offended volunteers. My dad is a volunteer, and his clam-sucking prowess in no way detracts from his fire-fighting abilities.) The parents may agree with it or disagree with it, but they aren’t necessarily surprised when it happens.

Remember, gangs do not exist in a vacuum.

With that in mind, there is obviously no one answer that will cover everyone because there are so many subcultures in our society. Pretty much any or all of the answers above would horrify me if I had kids.


Go to church?

Be racist.

Seriously, that is the last taboo in our society and the only thing left that will truly shock anybody.

Do the dishes, mow the lawn, come home when they said they would…the list is endless.

A lot of parents go into shock about gangs because they are closing their eyes.

Everytime a kid on TV is shot the parents cry “He wasn’t no gangbanger. He was a good kid.”

Gang members must be the worst shots in the world to keep killing all these “innocent” kids.

Now I use scare quotes because these kids are not guilty of anything but they are hardly innocent.

For example, many of these victims, are indeed not gang members, but they hang around gang members, buy drugs or stolen goods off gang banger or as stated previously hang around them

Mr Bob Innocent is 14 years old and hanging around a 16 year old kid with a new car and 50" inch TV that his folks didn’t give him and yet the 16 year old DON’T WORK.

The 14 year old kid is killed YES innocently by error, and the parents cry out. But in reality the parents of that 14 year old NEW that he was hanging with a 16 year old with expensive things and no real means of getting them via a job or parents.

So you see the 14 clearly wasn’t guilty of anything, but he wasn’t really innocent either.

I’m surely not saying he deserved to get shot, but parents need to know not only what their kids are up to but what their kid’s friends are up to as well.

As for the question, tattoos are still a good shocker, 'cause you’re not supposed to be able to get one till you’re 18 but it’s very easy to find places to give it to you when you’re younger, then the parent is presented with a *fait accompli * by the kid.

I think a far out religious cult could still shock people. No I don’t mean Mormans either :slight_smile:

Start listening to Christian pop.

Be convicted of something heinous, like rape, manslaughter, murder? That’d shock the dickens out of me.

Violence is still an eye-opener of magnitude. Not guns, just plain brass-knuckled one-on-one violence. Junior showing up with a split lip, broken nose and a crimson grin.

Computer game obsessions still scare parents, with the apparent golem-like qualities they introduce to children. While being sulky, unresponsive, furtive and angry isn’t anything new to human adolescence, taking it out by sitting still is.

My daughter shocked me today by knowing where her nose was. I guess it’s different for really little kids. :wink:

It doesn’t happen in a vacuum, though. If a kid is racist, it’s probably because people around them like their family are. Also, from talking to people and reading threads here, it’s the younger generation who is generally shocked/disgusted by racist attitudes of their elders. I know people have posted here about how they have grandparents or older relatives who are generally nice people but will on occasion use language that would make people of today cringe.

Admit to being an atheist, the most disliked group in America.

With respect, if you think racism is taboo in all parts of society, then you may need to get out more, and experience people outside your own social group. You may get an unpleasant shock. Where did the birthism movement came from?

Just because the law says racism is taboo, and because decent people like us want it to be taboo, that does not make it so.

To make it even more difficult, some of those who want to kill off racism are often unconsciously racist. They attack racism by focusing on how we treat people of a particular race - which is in itself racist. Sometimes you can’t win…

Of course it’s not taboo in 100% of American society. But we elected a black president, and in my opinion that makes it enough of a taboo that it would be very shocking in the mainstream of America to espouse racist views. Anti-black racism is the worst kind; casual racism against other groups such as Hispanics, Indians and East Asians is much more tolerated, especially in jest, whereas joking about blacks is never tolerated even in jest.

On the sexual side of things, polyamory would certainly shock most, including (I suspect) most of those who would be fine with same sex couplings.