What can we do with our barely-used satellite TV equipment?

My roommate and I got DirecTV for our house a little less than two months ago. Turns out, now that the spring foliage is in full bloom and surrounding our house, we get a signal only intermittently and it’s not worth having.

We have a dish and two receivers with the appropriate signal cards. I see there’s quite a market for these things on eBay, but I wanted to see if there were any more lucrative options to consider.

I’ve also heard there’s quite an underground market for the cards, especially in Canada (We’re in the U.S., just so you know). If anyone knows anything about that, including the legality of getting involved with that, I’m interested. (and if you’d rather e-mail me about that, it’s cool.) If it turns out to be illegal (for me, not the eventual buyer of anything I sell), I don’t think I’ll take the risk.

Really, though, all we want to do is recoup most if not all of the money we shelled out for this stuff instead of throwing it away. Hope y’all can help us out.

Hey, I feel for ya’, dude. I’ve got 300 year old redwoods blocking MY satellite signal.

Well, according to a disgram in an old Bloom County strip, get some parts from the local radio shack, and you can use the dish to hijack the signal from communications sattellites. :wink:

Failing that, are the trees around your place too high for you to put the dish on a pole, or something?