What can you do with a stolen auto registration?

My car glove box was open this morning when I got in & papers were all over the place. I dunno if I left the door unlocked or they used a slim jim, but they got in some how.

I keep nothing of value in the car, a casual observer looking in wouldn’t have seen anything to make you want to break in. So I have to conclude that they were specifically targeting the contents of the glove box (which is not very roomy in a prelude. You can fit the owner’s manual and maybe a few slips of paper in there OR a half-pair of actual gloves and it’s still going to be tough to get the lid closed).

So what kind of identity-theft related headaches can I expect to have to deal with in the future? Is there any value to a stolen vehicle registration?

Some people may have backup house keys or other important documents in their glove box. I personally have my sunglasses and registration for my other car in mine. I haven’t removed the registration cause the other car is junk and I just have to total it, but some people may put things in there that they do not want messed up for one reason or another.

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Id just call the DMV for the country you are in. They should know what to do next. Registration papers in the US dont count for much. But if it was the pink slip, well,…

Well that would be the North American DMV, I suppose.

Actually the DC DMV is only a few subway hops away, it’s really not much of a hassle to get a replacement.

I was not sweating over how to get a replacement, I was worried that my name & VIN number might come to no good in the hands of some evil genius. But since nobody here can come up with something I should be worried about, I will assume that the registration is of no real use to whoever’s slimy hands it’s currently in.

The only thing I can think of is that he/she/it now has your home address and can be pretty sure you aren’t married, if your car is registered only to you.