What can you tell me about this quarter?

Can anyone tell me anything about this quarter I found in a roll from the bank? I’ve got pictures of heads and tails, and I think it’s from 1928. Is it worth anything in the condition that it’s in? How long was this design used? I’ve never seen it before.

It’s a Standing Liberty. And you have your head and tail backward.

According to my 7 year old coin book, it’s worth about than $3, maybe less, since it’s so worn.

I guess I’ll just keep it for luck and conversation, then. Thanks for the information!

According to one cite I googled… http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_value_of_a_1928_standing_liberty_quarter

“Regardless of mint mark, about $7 if well worn, ten times that if almost uncirculated.”

But I’m no nuemistist… numasits… coin collector

I would grade that “good” and the 2008 Red Book lists it at $3. However if you can see her toes, the value jumps up to $5!

My old trick is, if you have something but don’t know what you have…find it on eBay and see what it sells for. I inherited a huge stamp collection from my uncle, found similar collections on eBay, and decided I’m better off putting them on outgoing Christmas cards. :smack:

Yeah, I have a Penny Red and a Twoppeny Blue I bought aged 10, to serve as a retirement nest-egg.

According to eBay.co.uk, they’re collectively worth £11.50. And the Roman coin I’ve been keeping safe for 30 years is worth £5.

Sigh. All that effort for the worth of three beers and a packet of smokes.

Still, that is a cool thing to find in a roll of quarters.

With silver closing today about $17.70/ounce in the US, we’re buying them for about $2.50 each, throwing them into the melt. When they only melted for $1.00 about three years ago, we used to buy them for $2.25. Now we can get about 2.80 melting them.