What cartoon did these sorta racist sayings come from?

Me and hubby are watching Olympic martial arts and I all of a sudden remember and say, “A-judo! A chop-chop! A-judo! A chop-chop!” and hubby answers with, “So solly! Please 'scuse! So solly! Please 'scuse.”

We both know we heard this in a cartoon but can’t remember which. It’s gotta be a fairly old one. Does anyone remember?


“Judo chop chop chop!” is definitely from The Flintstones- Fred and Barney were somehow mistaken for spies, and captured by this evil organization. Barney remembered seeing “Jay Bondrock” (I suppose that was the Stone Age James Bond) taking out enemies with a judo chop. So, Fred and Barney went on a spree, beating up all the villain’s henchmen with a “Judo chop chop chop!”

But they didn’t do it in fake Oriental voices.

One cartoon that DID have a VERY stereotypical Japanese character who beat up villains while saying stereotypical things like “So solly,” was…

Joe Jitsu, from the old “Dick Tracy” cartoons.


That’s the “judo chop chop”!. Thanks Blake. Now that I see that, I don’t think the “Solly, please 'scuse” is from the same episode-- or even cartoon. If it’ll help, the cartoony guy is apologizing while body slamming another cartoony guy. I can see it in my head. . …

Man, this board knows its old, racists cartoons! That’s it astorian, thanks! Funny, I remembered it, except wonky. I thought it was in the same cartoon and the words in my head were slightly different than the words in the cartoons. Plus, I really don’t remember the animation being so god-awful.

Well, on the Dick Tracy cartoons, there were actually FOUR ethnic stereotypes who alternated. In addition to buck-toothed Joe Jitsu, there was a lazy Mexican detective named “Go Go Gomez,” a fat Irish cop named “Heap O’Calorie,” and an English bulldog named “Hemlock Holmes.”

Small wonder NOBODY rebroadcasts those cartoons today!

Disney was thinking about it when they released their movie Dick Tracy (they own the rights to the cartoons), but the idea was quickly axed, for obvious reasons,
On the other hand, although they were appalling stereotypes, they were all effective cops – they always got their crooks. And I thought that Gomez, with that “Go Go” name was, like Speedy Gonzales, actually fast, in defiance of the stereotype of the lethargic Mexican.

I thought Go Go Gomez was kind of an ironic moniker, since IIRC he rarely got out of his hammock.

Actually, somebody still does. KTV (Kids and Teens TV) on Dish Network shows the old Dick Tracy cartoons along with episodes of Space Academy. just finished watching both.

Both voiced, as were Barney Rubble and the judo instructor from that particular Flintstones episode, by Mel Blanc.

Judo chop chop is racist?:confused:
So Solly is obviously pretty offensive, but there are plenty of foreigner with funny accent characters even today. Apu and the German exchange student on The Simpsons, Fez on That 70s Show, Toshi on American Dad. Most of those occasionally poke fun at the stereotype itself, other times they play it traditional. I wonder which if any might appear offensive decades down the line.

Old and racist? In Cartoonland you can’t have one without the other.

The most effective private investigators are the ones who do the least “legwork”. While my dad was dying of lung cancer, he was still working as a private investigator from his bed. It’s like hacking - 99% of the job is “social engineering”.

Although it looks like your question has been answered, I’ll throw out another cartoon full of judo and stereotypes that your OP reminded me of: Hashimoto-san - they used to show them during Deputy Dawg or Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse - can’t remember which.

How about"Hong Kong Phooey"? That was a pretty offensive cartoon in so many ways.

On it’s own, perhaps not. But I have no problem believing it was so in context. At least, in the context of an old cartoon with its practices seen under our mores. (I go back and forth on whether stereotypes are inherently racist, or if the past has just ratcheted us up somewhat too high.)