What causes marzipan smell from wooden toy?

Today I bought a wooden ‘russian doll’ toy: a series of lathe-carved concentrically nested dolls. This was to be a gift for a young child.

When I opened it up, a strong marzipan smell was evident. Where does this smell come from? Is it the wood? Is the wood toxic?

The toy is made in China, which concerns me since their consumer protection mechanisms arent quite as rigorous as ours. Could the wood be cherry laurel? Could the smell be from amygdalins --> benzaldehyde + HCN ?

I have never come across this smell in wood before. Anyone here with experience or an idea what the smell might be from.

The outside of each doll is painted, the inside exposed wood. The paint does not seem to be emitting the odour.

I dont wand to give this as a gift to a child if it has cyanide in it…but surely a toy wouldn’t be made from toxic wood… or would it?

Could it be that they condition the wood with Almond Oil?

Almond oil does not have a fragrance.

Would it be a certain easily turned wood, commonly used for this sort of thing. The walls of the dolls are only a couple of mm thick, so the grain is fine.