What causes sudden huge front-teeth gaps in women in their 30s?

The other day while shopping I ran into a former coworker who I hadn’t seen in two years. She had her toddler in the cart with her (who was adorable) but I couldn’t help but notice her smile.

Wow… what a change. What used to be a nice tight group of front top teeth now seemed to have a Huge gap in them! Ok, maybe huge is too big a word, but there was easility a 1-2 centimeter gap between her two front top teeth that just wasn’t there before.
I tried not to stare, but it drastically altered her smile. She seemed a little self concious about it and was making sure not to open her mouth when she smiled more than 1-2 centimeters either.

It didn’t look like she’d had an accident needing facial reconstruction… she just looked really gap-toothed, and she never had before.

Q: Is this something that happens to woman as they go through their 30s the way ears grow on men? (I’ve never seen this change on other women) Is this something that happens because of childbirth?
Or has she just spent the last two years knocking on doors with her face?

Also, after 35, are people just too old for braces…?


After your 12 year molars come in, it’s too late to do anything about that gap except have your teeth bonded, I think. I have never heard of it appearing later in life though. Maybe she had them bonded and the false bit came off?

I had this gap as a child. It was caused by a strip of gum that kept the front teeth apart. I had it removed when I was 10, and when my 12 year molars came in they pushed everything to center. I am now 34, and I have had a child (to satisfy your question), and my front teeth are still right up against each other.

Hiya! Yep.

Actually orthodontics work well after second molars erupt.
Failure of dental work may cause it to be noticeable. Periodontal problems also frequently cause it.

Is there corrective action available? Is it progressive? She was a sweet kid & I’d hate to think that this will progress.
Now, it just looks different, but at this rate in two years she’ll be able to clip an IPOD Shuffle between them & change music with her tongue.

Maybe she had braces as a child and she was the type who was required to wear a retainer to bed indefinitely in order for them to stay straight. Then she lost the retainer. I know at least one person this happened to. She was in her early 20s, but maybe that’s what happened to this lady?

Wha…? 1-2cm is the width of a front tooth (or more). If she’s got a gap that size, it’s because she lost a tooth.

Childbirth can cause it. Hormones can cause bone development leading to tooth gaps. Though it could be any of the other reasons stated.

It’s not normal if you can afford good dental care, but it’s natural, if that makes sense. (FWIW, dental insurance sucks.)

After 35 we’re more likely to have periodontal disease (even with good dental care), or to have a root canal fail and a tooth pulled. And then a lot of people might just say the hell with getting a bridge/implant, I need that $2000 for other stuff.

Maybe now that she has a child she feels she shouldn’t be spending money on her teeth if they still work. Maybe she was raised to feel that spending money on teeth that don’t hurt is stupid.

Lots of possibilities. Hopefully as time goes on, she can have her teeth seen to.

More like two teeth. That’s more than 3/4 inch. If it’s a gap that large she may have been missing those teeth before and wore a denture to hide the gap, or lost 2 teeth recently.

My wife said this gap was sexy, I had it from childhood. Good enough for me, screw the gap haters lol.

orthodontics and restorative work(either fixed or removeable). Things very greatly depending on the situation.

Michael Strahan has a pretty fair gap. Don’t have a cite but in 28 years of dentistry it does seem blacks have it more than whites although usually women more than men.

Lauren Hutton doesn’t look bad either.

If I lost my two front top teeth, the gap would be less than 2 cm.

I’m thinking the OP really means millimeters. Otherwise, my guess is that she plays hockey.

ETA: OK, assuming the OP really does mean mm, and that this really is a “thing” with women in their 30s, which I’ve never before noticed or heard of, I’d guess it’s associated with pregnancy. Women’s tendons and ligaments get looser during pregnancy or something, and they can change shoe sizes. Something related could maybe cause this.

I got a little gap between my front teeth that has developed after I got my wisdom teeth pulled. My dentist explained that this was perfectly normal. Teeth move about all the time.

Mine were recently in London.

…but Kelly doesn’t, amIright?


The size and shape of a candy corn, if one was carved out between front teeth with a saw.*
*No, this Isn’t a movie idea.

Yikes! This is why I wear my retainer faithfully every night.

Huh? Lauren Hutton’s not dead.

So the gap you saw in her mouth was about the size of a tooth? Perhaps she, you know, lost a tooth.

Maybe she used to have veneers that hid that gap, and had recently lost one or both or had them removed for some reason.