What celebrity from your state do you want as governor?

I know Dave Barry’s got his eye on the presidency, but he could use the governorship as a stepping stone.

Johnny Depp for Kentucky 2003, definitely. I wonder if he’d have to move back for a while first. hmm. Anybody’s better than George Clooney, at least.

No, no, no … I take that back. Muhummad Ali. Muhummad Ali in Two Thousand Three!

Too bad, though, he lives in Michigan.

John Waters for Md. He would open some eyes.

Mario Lemieux. Though only if he could keep owning and playing for the Penguins.


Jimmy Haha from Jimmy’s Chicken Shack.

Richmond would never know what hit them.

Billy Gibbons for Texas.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the next governor of Georgia

Little Richard!

Bill Nye the Science Guy!

[Courtney Cox] That state of the State photo would be good for a conversation starter.

Or…We could have a winner in Jimmy Buffett! I mean, with DeVena and me both on his bandwagon, how could he lose?

Hmm…celebrities from VT…Jerry Garcia is dead…so I guess we would have to elect one of the guys from Phish.

I have to agree, We really have no celebrities. Hell the second biggest celebrity In Colorado is probably Gerald Ford. Third would probably be Hunter S. Thompson, which would clearly be the most fun governor.

Chuck Palahniuk for Governor of Oregon.

I am in Oregon and I cant think of ANY star that I would consider for any political position.

Trust me, you don’t want 'em. Tokyo’s last two governors have been celebrities, and so far we’ve had a do-nothing former comedian who ran up the city’s debts achieving nothing in return, followed by a do-little former yakuza bit-player (mostly second banana to his more famous brother) who’s spends most of his time spouting racist crap and praising ultranationalists who bomb the homes of his rivals.

Larry Bird.

Can’t you just see him coming in early to work on the budget deficit, not leaving till he’s got it all worked out?

I’ll start the Hoosiers for Larry campaign right now.

Michael Moore for Governor of Michigan! I think he still has a home in Michigan, even though he lives in NYC some of the time as well.

John Sinclair, who was a leader of the hippie counterculture in Ann Arbor/Detroit/Michigan in general (and also, as far as I know, the only graduate of the University of Michigan-Flint to ever have a Beatle write a song about him), would also be a cool governor, but I am pretty sure he is a full time New Orleans resident these days. Oh well, maybe Louisiana can elect him!

What Beatle? What song?

Bob Dylan for Governor of Minnesota. :smiley:

“Um, what the hell did the Governor just say?”

I must respectfully disagree. Our next governor should be Danny DeVito. The parallels to the movie Twins would be a dream come true for the headline writers.